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Madelaine Bartlett

Associate Professor

My lab studies the evolution of plant development. We are working towards uncovering the molecular mechanisms that control the development of plant form, and in understanding how these molecular pathways have changes over the course of evolution to generate morphological diversity.  One aspect of our work is studying the genes and gene networks that have important impacts on crop productivity.

Current Research

We study the genes that regulate how many stem cells a plant produces, which in turn affects fruit size and number, and crop yield. We are using cutting edge genome editing technology to reveal the functions of these genes in maize. In addition, we are studying the evolution of these genes across the flowering plants, working to reveal common regulatory principles that can be manipulated for directed crop improvement.

In addition, we study the genetics of flower development in the grasses. Flower architecture has been a critical determinant of breeding success in maize, and has hampered breeding efforts in crops like rice. We are working to understand the basic science underlying flower development in maize and other grasses, so that we can leverage that understanding for optimizing food crop architecture.

Learn more at www.bartlettlab.org/

Academic Background

  • Postdoc, 2010-2013, Brigham Young University
  • PhD, 2010, University of California Berkeley
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(413) 545-2235