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Luke Remage-Healey

Assistant Professor

Research areas include neuroscience, neuromodulation, neurochemistry, and behavior.

Current Research
Our lab is focused on the study of behavioral physiology, specifically the non-classical regulation of brain function and behavior by steroid hormones. Steroids are produced within discrete neural circuits ('neurosteroids') and can therefore influence behavior via local and acute actions within those circuits. We study these phenomena in songbirds using a variety of technical approaches including in vivo microdialysis, electrophysiology, immunocytochemistry, and neuropharmacology. Songbirds offer a unique model system in which brain steroid production is widespread and especially pronounced, and in which the development and expression of a suite of social behaviors is accessible in the laboratory and natural environments.

Learn more at www.umass.edu/healeylab/

Academic Background

  • BS Biology Tufts University
  • PhD Neurobiology and Behavior Cornell University
  • Postdoctoral Training: NIH Postdoctoral Fellow UCLA
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Remage-Healey, L. Krentzel, A.A., Macedo-Lima M., and Vahaba D (2017) Species Diversity Matters in Biological Research. Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 4 (2), 210-218
Contact Info

Department of Psychology and Brain Sciences
Neuroscience and Behavior Graduate Program
Tobin Hall 525
Amherst, MA 01003

(413) 545-0772