The University of Massachusetts Amherst

M2M Membership Benefits

Research Funding Opportunities for M2M Faculty


IALS Midigrants

The IALS midigrant is designed to be a flexible seed fund mechanism up to $10,000 to enable new translational research and explore new collaborations within IALS. All active faculty members of IALS may apply for funds.  To apply, please visit:


Manning/IALS Innovation Awards

UMass Amherst has created a new ‘Proof-of-Concept’ (POC) Seed Fund Program that will provide Innovation Awards of up to $100,000/award to advance translational and applied R&D efforts from faculty groups and/or startup companies.

Significant funding for this program comes from a gift to CNS from the Manning Family Foundation, and from the IALS Seed fund program. Additional contributions come from the College of Natural Sciences, the Berthiaume Center, the Isenberg School of Management, and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations.

To apply, please visit:

Theme Member Benefits


Theme Discretionary Funds

Each Research Theme Leader is given a discretionary budget of $1,000 per year to support activities that further the strategic goals of Research Themes such as hosting visits by potential industrial partners, co-hosting seminar speakers, travel of Research Theme members to sites of clinical or industrial collaborators (or vice versa), or facilitating internal meetings of Research Themes or across Research Themes. If you are planning on hosting an event for your theme, contact your Theme Leader directly on how you may access these funds.


Theme Research Funds

Each Research Theme Leader is given a discretionary budget of $10,000 per year to support collaborative research that furthers the strategic goals of the Research Themes.  

To access theme funds, please contact your Theme Leader.  More information on the M2M Research Themes can be found here:


Core Facilities Benefits


Core Director Discretionary Fund

These are resources allocated to a Core Facility, administered solely by the Director of each facility to fund new users on facility instruments. The purpose of these funds are to reduce the barrier to doing new science with the incredible core instrumentation we have on campus.  Essentially, if you are an active M2M faculty member and you want to do some new pilot experiments for your projects, the core directors have discretionary funds provided through M2M to help you do these experiments.  This is a limited nonrenewable program, so please talk with the directors as soon as possible about possible projects and experiments.  If successful and funding is available, we will continue these Incentive funds with other cores in the future.  Currently available for 7 facilities:

  • Biophysical Characterization
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Genomics
  • Light Microscopy
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center

To access these funds, please contact the Core Facility Director.  More information regarding the UMass Core Facilities can be found here:


Core Credit Voucher Program

Core Credit Vouchers are available to all IALS grant recipients and usable at any UMass Amherst Centralized Core Facility.  These credits are accrued and assigned twice a year, and are calculated from the IDC/RTF contributions to the Center/IALS from IALS-tagged grants.   You do not have to request these vouchers, they will be assigned.  As grant dollars are spent, Core Facility credits are accrued!  For more information on how to use these funds, please contact


Core Facilities Training Funds

Training funds are available to all Core users (faculty, students, and postdocs) that are members of an M2M faculty research lab.  These funds are designed to lower the barrier to access the Core Facilities by subsidizing training rates.  For more information on how to access funds, please contact your M2M Research Theme Leader!