The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Biospecimen Resources and Molecular Analysis Core (BRaMA)

The Biospecimen Resources and Molecular Analysis Core (BRaMA) is housed within the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute (and provides facilities and technical expertise for analysis of human tissues. BRaMA curates extensive repositories for normal breast tissues, associated gene expression profiles and patient interview data. Primary epithelial cell cultures are available that are conditionally immortalized, and thus, amenable for genetic modifications. These resources allow analysis of patient-derived specimens and testing effects of drugs and mutations in cells representing the diverse genetic background found in the population. BRaMA facilitates procurement of tissues and the associated IRB approvals for projects. Facilities and personnel are available for laser capture microdissection from tissues. Respirometry of patient-derived cells is available (Seahorse Biosciences) allowing bioenergetic analyses of primary cells.

Contact Information:

Sallie Schneider, Veterinary and Animal Science, Pioneer Valley Life Science Institute
(413) 794-0941