What We Offer

LSAMP Scholars Seminars

LSAMP offers two 2-credit seminars that support students in reaching their academic and career goals. The courses support students in career development and graduate school preparedness.


Scholars are eligible for funding to engage in research on-campus and to attend conferences related to their discipline. LSAMP students are supported in finding research opportunities.


LSAMP students receive continuous mentoring during their college career.  LSAMP scholars also become mentors for incoming LSAMP students.

LSAMP Community of Science Scholars

LSAMP scholars attend and participate in a number of UMass Amherst and Alliance activities. These include research and graduate school symposiums and leadership conferences.  We work together to reach our goals.

Local, National and International Summer Research Experiences

Scholars are supported in finding local, national, and international summer research opportunities. 

For a list of summer research opportunities, download the PDF.