Working Papers Series

How the Forbes “America’s Best Employers for Diversity” Listing
Actually Tells Us Nothing About Corporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

The Case of Maximus

Tom Juravich and Erik Plowden
Published November 2023

The New York Farmworker: Hours, Wages & Injuries

Margaret Gray, Nina Donaldson & Kelly Miller
Published May 2023

Worker Misclassification and Wage Theft in Rhode Island

Russell Ormiston & Tom Juravich

Published February 2022


Diversity Washing: The Problem with Corporate Diversity Ratings


Tom Juravich and Erik Plowden


Published February 1, 2022

The Social and Economic Costs of Illegal Misclassification, Wage Theft and Tax Fraud in Residential Construction in Massachusetts 

Tom Juravich, Russell Ormiston and Dale Belma


Published June 28, 2021

Wage Theft at the North Square Apartments in Amherst, MA

Tom Juravich

Published June 29, 2020

Stressed, Unsafe, and Insecure: Essential Workers Need a New, New Deal

Clare Hammonds, Jasmine Kerrissey and Donald Tomaskovic-Devey

in collaboration with the
Center for Employment Equity 

Published June 5, 2020

A Survey of Essential Workers' Safety and Security During COVID-19

Clare Hammonds, Jasmine Kerrissey

Published May 1, 2020

The Failure of Asbestos Monitoring in Maine State Buildings

Adam Caplan-Bricker, Tom Juravich

Published January 22, 2020

State of Labor Cover

The State of Labor and Employment in Massachusetts

David Pihl, Jasmine Kerrissey, Tom Juravich

Published September 4, 2017

Wage Theft Cover

The Epidemic of Wage Theft in Residential Construction in Massachusetts

Tom Juravich, Essie Ablavsky, Jake Williams

Published May 11, 2015

Corporate Sham Cover

The Corporate Rating Sham: The Case of T-Mobile

Tom Juravich, Essie Ablavsky

Published September 11, 2014

Amicus Brief Cover

Brief of Amicus Curiae: Temporary Staffing Agencies and Labor Law

Harris Freeman (Western New England University), George Gonos (State University of New York)

Published June 27, 2014