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Undergraduate Journal on Work, Labor and Social Movements

We are proud to launch the inaugural issue of the Undergraduate Journal on Work, Labor and Social Movements.  The publication is a project of the Labor Extension Program of the University of Massachusetts system, and aims to foster a cross-campus conversation among undergraduate students at each UMass campus. This is a space for students to research trends in labor from historical, economic, and sociological perspectives; to explore the roles that labor and the labor movement play in their own lives and those of their peers; and to reflect on their own activism.

Labor Center now accepting applications for incoming graduate classes

It is time for us to continue the important work of training the next generation of labor leaders. Organized labor is under attack, but we are fighting back and winning: at Marriott, in Los Angeles, and across this country.

To continue that work, we must recruit, train, and place promising activists throughout the movement. To that end, the UMass Amherst Labor Center is now accepting applications to the incoming class of our residential and limited residency (ULA) Master’s programs.

Labor Center Responds to Nov 27 Sean Spicer Event at UMass Amherst

Labor Center students and staff walk out to resist climate of hate on campus

Sean Spicer represents a white nationalist vision of America and the world that we reject. The UMass Labor Center offers an alternative vision of solidarity that sees the struggle for economic justice as inseparable from the fight for racial justice and gender equity. We will demonstrate our displeasure with Mr. Spicer tomorrow, but we do that every day.

Undergraduate Journal on Work, Labor and Social Movements: A Project of the UMass Labor Extension Program

The UMass Undergraduate Journal on Work, Labor and Social Movements is accepting original submissions for its Fall 2019 issue from undergraduate students currently enrolled at any University of Massachusetts campus.  The journal brings together undergraduate work that displays academic excellence and offers critical insights on the experience of working people and their organizations. Deadline for Submissions is April 30, 2019.

Read full submission guidelines here.

Statement Condemning Recent Racist Incidents at UMass Amherst

The UMass Labor Center joins in the widespread condemnation of the treatment of people of color on this campus and campuses across the country. Bigotry promotes intolerable working conditions. It trades in the idea that one group of people is any better than another. When we go to the bargaining table, we demand that management treat us with respect, and we demand the same respect when one of us, irrespective of our background, enters the workplace or studies to enter the workforce.