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Labor Center hosts 42nd Annual UALE Northeast Summer School for Women in Unions and Workers Organizations

Photo of attendees.

The University of Massachusetts was proud to host the 42nd Annual UALE Northeast Summer School for Women in Unions and Workers Organizations.

The bi-lingual program was held on campus from July 22-July 26 and brought together over 130 participants from around the region to participate in skill building workshops, cultural activities, and educational sessions on current labor challenges, taught and shared by labor educators, union staff and officers, and worker organization activists.

Report on our January Session

Photo of student and faculty in the January session

Dramatic improvements in enrollment reflect deep investments from our faculty, staff, and supporters to ensure recent troubles will not harm our commitment to deliver a world-class education in Labor Studies to a diverse student body. We could not have done this without our supporters who helped to spread the word about our programs, our scholarships, our excellent job-placement, and our unique contributions to Labor Studies and to the labor movement. 


Conference: From Field to Fork!

Bringing together farm owners, farm and retail food workers, farm worker representatives, worker activists, government, and university faculty and students to share what we know about the problems and conditions these workers face, and to develop a research and action plan to improve labor conditions in the quest for a just and sustainable Massachusetts food system.