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New Research from UMass Labor Center used by Maine State Legislature

Research conducted by the UMass Labor Center was introduced in hearings in the Maine state legislature. Hearings were held on January 22, 2020 on LD 1969, “An Act to Protect State Workers from Exposure to Carcinogens,” sponsored by State Representative Thom Harnett. A research report by Labor Center graduate student Adam Caplan-Bricker and Professor Tom Juravich “The Failure of Asbestos Monitoring in Maine State Buildings: The Case for the Creation of a Tracking and Monitoring System,” was introduced and discussed during the hearing.

Book Release - "Labor in the Time of Trump"

"Labor in the Time of Trump", edited by UMass Amherst Labor Center faculty members, is now available!

Jasmine Kerrissey, Eve Weinbaum, Clare Hammonds, Tom Juravich and the late Dan Clawson collected 12 essays from leading labor scholars for the book that examine the conservative upsurge, explore the key challenges the labor movement faces today and draw lessons from recent activist successes.

Dan Clawson (1948-2019)

The Labor Center joins the department of sociology, UMass Amherst, and the entire labor movement in grieving the loss of one of our own: Dan Clawson.

Dan’s professional reputation was as a scholar of work, the corporate elite, and organized labor. His research was foundational and hugely influential in sociology and labor studies.

But Dan was first and foremost an organizer. He was president of the faculty and librarians’ union at UMass Amherst and served in the leadership of the Massachusetts Teachers Association.