Labor Center Announces a New Program for Educators

ULA for Educators: A Part-Time Master’s Degree Program in Labor Studies

The UMass Amherst Labor Center is excited to announce an innovative new track of our Master’s Degree program in Labor Studies designed especially for education support professionals, teachers, and others who work in the field of K-12 education.

The Union Leadership and Activism (ULA) program is the only graduate program of its kind. A limited-residency program, it is intended for labor activists who work full-time. Most of our students are rank-and-file union members, elected leaders, and union staff.

Students learn hands-on skills including organizing, strategic research, labor law, and collective bargaining, while also learning the economic and historical context in which workers and their organizations operate. An intersectional approach to labor solidarity is central to the curriculum. At the Labor Center we believe that the struggle for economic justice is inseparable from the fight for racial and gender equity.

The Labor Center will offer a new track of the ULA program especially for educators called “ULA for Educators.” ULA courses are offered in 10-day intensive sessions in January and July. Students will take their January classes in an innovative online format and do their July coursework in residence at the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus. ULA for Educators students enroll in two courses each semester and complete the Master’s Degree in two and a half years.

The July residential component provides access to all of the resources of the UMass Amherst campus, and is essential for educators to experience the powerful sense of community that the residencies provide. Labor activists from around the United States and the world come together to share the lessons of their local struggles and leave with lifelong friends and a renewed sense of purpose.

Please note that because of the pandemic the July 2020 residency will be offered online for all students. In July 2021, we plan to return to an on-campus session, while the January sessions remain online.

Educators are now at the forefront of the labor movement. Now is the time to develop the next generation of labor activists in education.

Apply to the ULA program today. The deadline for admission to the July 2020 online session is June 15, 2020; the deadline for January 2021 is October 15, 2020.

For more information, please visit the ULA website here or contact Cedric de Leon, Director of the Labor Center, at