Announcing 2.0

As firms have grown more complex and globalized, strategic corporate research is more vital for a successful campaign than ever before. Labor, environmental and community activists need resources to fight back. has provided those resources for over a decade.

What’s New

Over the last year, the team made some big changes to the site, including:

  • An updated user interface, which is more visually accessible and simple to navigate
  • Additional web resources
  • Video tutorials
  • Quick Links pages for experienced researchers
  • Google Doc copies of our research charts so that your team can work collaboratively and bring together knowledge from across the firm

About the Website is a comprehensive database of resources you can use to uncover information vital to your campaign. Organized into 24 subcategories, these resources help researchers discover a wealth of information, ranging from which of their subsidiaries is the most profitable to how much COVID relief money the firm received from the government. But the website isn’t just a simple list of resources. also provides the tools you need to build a powerful campaign, including documents that help you map your sources of power, conduct simple financial analysis, and plan a campaign calendar.