Non-Credit Option

For students who want to take individual courses but who do not want to work toward a Master’s degree, we have a non-credit option available for a greatly reduced fee. This is an opportunity to step back and engage with other trade unionists around pressing issues, to take the time to see the big picture, to frame the work you do daily, and to take courses from national experts in their field.

Participants are expected to keep up with the readings and fully participate in class, but are not required to complete written assignments. Participants have the option to take one or two courses during any session in January or July. The cost of the program is $425 per course, plus a fee of $615 (or less for just one course) covering meals, coffee breaks, and facilities change. Students receive the course syllabus, a list of required books, and links to electronic copies of readings in advance of the session in order to prepare for the class.