Costs and Financial Aid

The costs for the ULA program are very reasonable for a Master’s degree. As of Summer 2020, tuition for the program is $474 per credit hour, plus a $47 registration fee, so the tuition for 2 four credit hour courses each residency comes to $3,839 per session. Fees covering meals, coffee breaks, facilities are an additional $515 per session.

UMass offers an installment payment plan (UPay) for tuition payment. UPay is not a loan program, so there are no interest or finance charges. Payments are automatically deducted through your checking/savings account or credit card. You can find more information on UPay here.

Students are responsible for their own housing. We reserve a block of rooms in our unionized hotel on campus at a reasonable rate, and students who share rooms each pay half the rate. In July many students find the UMass dorms to be an excellent low-cost option.

Participants in the ULA program may be eligible for Financial Aid. Contact Graduate Financial Aid Services at 243 Whitmore Administration Building, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003, (413) 577 0801. Students interested in financial aid should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) March 1 for the following Fall semester (which is the July session) and by October 15 for the Spring semester (which is the January session).

The AFL-CIO’s Union Plus benefits program offers scholarships from $500 to $4000 to help union members further their education. For more information, go to The Union Plus Scholarship webpage.

The Labor Center offers an endowed scholarship in memory of Ron Osborne. An award is made to an incoming students each year.