Undergraduate Journal on Work, Labor and Social Movements: A Project of the UMass Labor Extension Program

The UMass Undergraduate Journal on Work, Labor and Social Movements is accepting original submissions for its Fall 2019 issue from undergraduate students currently enrolled at any University of Massachusetts campus.  The journal brings together undergraduate work that displays academic excellence and offers critical insights on the experience of working people and their organizations. Deadline for Submissions is April 30, 2019.

Read full submission guidelines here.

Statement Condemning Recent Racist Incidents at UMass Amherst

The UMass Labor Center joins in the widespread condemnation of the treatment of people of color on this campus and campuses across the country. Bigotry promotes intolerable working conditions. It trades in the idea that one group of people is any better than another. When we go to the bargaining table, we demand that management treat us with respect, and we demand the same respect when one of us, irrespective of our background, enters the workplace or studies to enter the workforce.

New Labor Center Working Paper on the State of Labor and Employment in Massachusetts

A new Working Paper on The State of Labor and Employment in Massachusetts is now available from the Labor Center. Authored by David Pihl, Jasmine Kerrissey, and Tom Juravich, this report examines the changing nature of employment, unionization rates, the union wage difference between union and non-union workers, union organizing activity, and a number of union campaigns from the past year. 

Labor Center hosts 42nd Annual UALE Northeast Summer School for Women in Unions and Workers Organizations

Photo of attendees.

The University of Massachusetts was proud to host the 42nd Annual UALE Northeast Summer School for Women in Unions and Workers Organizations.

The bi-lingual program was held on campus from July 22-July 26 and brought together over 130 participants from around the region to participate in skill building workshops, cultural activities, and educational sessions on current labor challenges, taught and shared by labor educators, union staff and officers, and worker organization activists.