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students studying in ILC


For an in-person visit, reach room 1020 of DuBois Library and follow the directions provided there. Keep your SPIRE ID handy. 

For a virtual visit, please call the LRC at 413-545-5334 and inform the assistant about the class you want tutoring for, your email address, and your SPIRE ID.

students studying


You may have to wait for a tutor depending on real-time availability as well as demand. For in-person visits, please plan on staying in or around DuBois Library. For virtual visits, please stay around your device. Usually, the average wait time is 45 minutes.

Female instructor teaching students

Plan in advance

A 30-minute session goes by pretty fast! Therefore, it is crucial that you plan specific topics, assignments, and problems you would like to work on. Sessions are the most effective and fruitful when students have an idea of what they want to work on. Additionally, make sure to check the schedule in advance and plan your attendance accordingly to maximize your learning opportunities [Link to Schedule].

Students being guided


Ask your questions and get the help you need. If you need more time, check-in again and add yourself to the queue.