New UMass Anti-Bullying Workshops

As the campus campaign to address bullying in the UMass workplace enters the educational phase, Labor/Management Workplace Education and Workplace Learning & Development are teaming up to provide you with an wide array of workshops and courses on the topic, including:

Introduction to Workplace Bullying  
7/27, 1 - 3 pm, CC 174-76
8/11,  9 - 11 am, CC 174-76    
9/9, 10 am - Noon, CC 174-76
9/12,  2 - 4 pm, CC 174-76
10/7, 10 am - Noon, CC 174-76
1/17/17,  2 - 4 pm, CC 168C
1/19/17, 10 am - Noon, CC 168C

All new faculty and staff need to take an Anti-Bullying Workshop, jointly offered by Labor/Management Workplace Education and Workplace Learning & Development. If you are a recent UMass employee, please sign up for this introductory workshop; in it you will learn how to define workplace bullying and the UMass/Amherst campus procedures and resources to address bullying and create a respectful workplace. Co-facilitated by LMWEP and WLD

Becoming an Active Bystander- Stopping Workplace Bullying
10/31, 1:30-4 p.m., Campus Center 904

Have you seen behavior that hurts or undermines other staff? Do you want to help create a campus community where everyone is respected? Join us for a class that will help you stop and change hurtful behavior. Instead of being a passive bystander—wondering what to say or do—learn new skills for change and empowerment, and become an active bystander. This class is offered once this semester. Co-taught by Leslie Fraser and Melissa Scheid Frantz

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