Mailing Back Your Key (Spring 2020)

How to Mail Your Key | Mailing Requirements

Only students who have already removed all their belongings, left campus and are not returning should mail their key. If you have belongings in your room, do not mail back your key. If you are still on-campus, please return your key to your Residential Service Desk before leaving.

How to Return Your Key by Mail:

Students who have already removed belongings and left campus should return their key as soon as possible. To do so, place your key, name, student ID, hall and room number in a sturdy, padded envelope. Address the envelope to:

Residential Life Student Services 
235 Whitmore Admin Building
181 Presidents Drive
Amherst, MA 01003-9313

Mailing Requirements

  • You must have already removed your belongings from your room and left campus.
  • Keys should be returned as soon as possible.
  • Enclosed in the envelope you must include: student's name, student ID, hall and room number. 
    Failure to include this information may result in an improper checkout and being billed a $60 recore fee.
  • You must use a padded envelope, as shown below, to prevent the loss of your key in the mail.
    Keys lost in the mail will result in the student being billed a $60 recore fee.