Family Housing Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements

Students who are affiliated with the University of Massachusetts and are married, in a civil union and/or have legal custody of at least one dependent living with them full-time are eligible to live in Family Housing.

Students are “affiliated” with UMass in one of the following ways:

• The student is officially enrolled as an active Graduate student working for a degree 
• The student is officially enrolled as an Undergraduate student taking at least twelve (12) credit hours per semester

* * Please note: Spouses/partners/dependents may not combine their credit hours to meet the minimum requirement for graduate and undergraduate residency.

Occupancy of the leased premises is limited to the tenant, the tenant’s spouse and/or domestic partner and/or the tenant’s children who must reside on a full-time basis. All adult occupants, including dependents, aged eighteen (18) years and older must sign the lease. Students with a documented specific accommodation need are given priority for ADA modified apartments.

The University reserves the right to deny housing in any residence hall or apartment unit to any individual has been convicted of a felony involving bodily harm to persons, damage to property, or the sale or distribution of illegal drugs. The Dean of Students, who will make the final decision, will review specific cases on a case by case basis.  If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, please contact the Family Housing Office at (413) 545-3115 or by email at

Health and Safety Occupancy Units

The Massachusetts State Sanitary Code limits the number of people residing in North Village one bedroom, two bedroom and ADA apartments. There are no exceptions or variances to the code and minor children are included in the occupancy limits. The Massachusetts State Sanitary Code is strictly enforced in Family Housing.

One Bedroom - Maximum Occupancy 3 people
One Bedroom ADA - Maximum Occupancy 3 people
Two Bedroom - Maximum Occupancy 4 people

* Please note: with the addition of overnight visitors, the total number of people residing in the apartment must not exceed the apartment’s maximum occupancy. See visitor policy for visitor information.