Apartment Keys

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Your North Village Key

An apartment key will only be issued to the adults (age 18+) who are named on the apartment lease.    Single parents living in Family Housing receive one key to their apartment.  These keys must not be duplicated.  In one bedroom North Village apartments, the back door is for exiting egress only.  No key will be issued for the back door.  Your apartment key will also give you access to the communal laundry in North Village.

Locked Out of your North Village Apartment?

If you are locked out of your apartment please visit the Family Housing Office in C-01 to be issued a backup key to your space, free of charge, for 24 hours.  Please note, if the backup key is not returned to the C-01 office within 24 hours, your apartment door will be automatically recored at an additional fee of $60.00 ($70.00 for a 2-bedroom) to be placed on your bursar bill.

If you are locked out when the office is closed, please contact Emergency Operations at 413-545-0812 to request Lockout Assistance. 

What is Lockout Assistance?

Lockout Assistance is a service provided by Residential Life that is fee based and initiated by the tenant.  Upon request for this service, a Residential Life staff member, after verifying identity of the tenant will meet the tenant at the apartment to unlock the space. Once unlocked, the tenant must produce their originally issued key. The inability to produce your original key may result in a recore of the door at the tenant’s expense. Please note that the use of the Lockout Assistance service will incur a $35.00 fee to your bursar bill and may take up to 30 minutes for staff to respond. At the time of request, be sure to clearly state the nature of your situation when requesting this service.  For example, situations where children are locked inside alone, the bathtub is running or your stove/oven is on will be prioritized for a more immediate response.

Lost your North Village key?

If you have lost your apartment key, please report this to the Family Housing staff in C-01.  A recore of your door (lock change) will be requested and you will be issued the use of your backup key until the lock has been changed.  The fee for a standard recore (non-emergency) is $60.00 ($70.00 for a 2-bedroom) and typically is performed within 3 business days from the request.  An emergency recore (issued for safety concerns) will happen within 3 hours of the request and will incur a fee of $200.00.  An additional $10.00 per core will be assessed where applicable.  All fees are placed on the student bursar bill.

Moving out of North Village?

Family Housing does expect to receive all keys to the apartment back upon vacating.  Failure to return all assigned keys to the apartment will result in a recore at the tenant’s expense.  In most cases, the cost for this recore will be deducted from the security deposit.