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Undergraduate Residence Hall Contract

Students who live on campus must sign the Residence Hall Contract and submit the Housing Profile. The contract outlines the residential living obligations of both you and the university. The contract is specific and both financially and legally binding for your entire tenure in the residence halls. It is important that you read the contract thoroughly before signing and ask for clarification if there is something you do not understand. The Housing Profile provides basic information used when assigning roommates and is visible during Online Room Selection.

Signing the Contract
The residence hall contract is signed electronically through SPIRE under Main Menu > Residential Life > Residence Hall Contract. Clicking on the link will open the residence hall contract page, where you can read and sign the contract.

Submitting Your Housing Profile
The Housing Profile asks five lifestyle questions that can be answered on SPIRE under Main Menu > Residential Life > Housing Profile. Once you answer each question click "Save/Confirm Profile". You will not be redirected, but the page will date stamp in the top right.

New Undergraduate Students will submit a preference application where they will rank order the areas of campus.  Assignments will be released on a designated date after the preference application has closed.

Current Undergraduate Students will use Online Room Selection to select a new space from all available vacancies across campus.  Students will receive email confirmation after they have selected a new assignment.