John Quincy Adams Hall

Mailing Address
John Quincy Adams Hall
171 Fearing Street
Amherst, MA 01003-9235

For more information about mail, please visit the Residential Service Desk information page.

Residential Service Desk
Prince Service Desk
(413) 545-7591

About the Community
John Quincy Adams (JQA) Hall is a multi- year community. Multi-year communities are designed to provide sophomores, juniors and seniors with enriching experiences, autonomy and self-discovery, continued learning and connections with a diverse group of UMass Amherst students. JQA also hosts a 24-hour quiet floor on the 22nd floor.

Contact Information
Should you have any Residential Life related questions, please feel free to contact our Student Services Office at 413-545-2100. The office staff is happy to answer your questions and refer you as needed! The Student Services Office is located in the Whitmore Administration Building, room 235.

During the academic year, you may also contact the Residence Director for John Quincy Adams Hall at or 413-545-1180.  Zoom request also available.  The Residence Director can provide you with more information about resources, staff, events and opportunities within the community.

Hall Features
High-rise tower located in Southwest
Coed residence
Community lounges on each floor
Kitchens on two different floors
Laundry facilities on several floors: 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 17, 18, and 21
Vending machines on first floor

Special Housing Option
24-Hour Quiet Floor

Room Features
Single, bunkable, or loftable beds (80" long x 36" wide)
Desks and chairs
Wardrobe / closets
Recycling bins

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