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Getting Your Mail

US Mail

Mail is delivered and picked up at every residence hall, except on legal holidays, extended vacation periods and Summer Break. At the beginning of the semester, you will be assigned a mailbox. Most residence halls also have a mail slot for outgoing U.S. Mail. If you need to mail something, you can purchase stamps at the University Store which is located in the Campus Center, or at Mail Services at 120 Tillson Farm Rd or their satellite office in room 139 Whitmore.  See their website for office hours.

*Please note, all student mailboxes for the Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community (Elm, Linden, Birch, Maple, Oak, and Sycamore Halls) are located outside of the Residential Service Desk, behind Roots Café.

Mail Delivery begins on August 15th.

Campus Mail

Campus mail is a free service that delivers letters from one on-campus room or office to another. To send campus mail, address the envelope as follows and drop it in any mailbox marked "Campus Mail".

Recipient's Name
Department Name
Department Box Number
Building Name

Your Campus Mailing Address

In order to receive mail at your residence hall, it should be addressed using the following form:

Your Name
Name of Your Residence Hall, UMass
Residence Hall Street Address, Room #
Amherst, MA 01003 - (4-digit extended ZIP)

Each residence hall has a different 4-digit extended zip code. For the correct street address and zip code of your residence hall, go to Residence Directory.

How to Open Your Mailbox

Single Dial Mailboxes
(3 number combination)
pdf instructions
video instructions  

Two Dial Mailboxes 
(2 letter-number sets combination)

pdf instructions
video instructions

Four Dial Combination Mailboxes
(4 number combination)
video tutorial

Package Delivery

All packages addressed to your residence hall and under the weight limit of 40 lbs. will be delivered to your Residential Service Desk (RSD). The RSD will email your UMass email account to notify you that you have a package to pick up at the desk. Unclaimed packages will be returned to sender 7 days after receipt if not picked up.

Package Delivery for Spring 2021

In order to reduce foot traffic and high wait times at the RSD, we must significantly reduce the number of packages students receive at the RSD. Last year, prior to closing in March, RSDs distributed nearly a quarter of a million packages. Due to the necessary reduction in staffing, RSDs will not be able to process the same high volume of packages this year.

In light of this, there are new mail and package guidelines for Spring 2021:

  • Students will be asked to limit packages sent to campus to one item per week.
  • Students should order any necessary items prior to the start of the semester and ship them to their permanent address.
  • All textbooks ordered after the semester starts, it should be shipped to an E-campus pick up point in the Campus Center or Hampden.
  • Medications should be brought from home or ordered through the University Health Services Pharmacy. 
  • Hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, masks, and other items needed for their Go-Kit should also be brought with them or procured from a local retailer once they arrive in Amherst.
  • Furniture, large rugs, or other large non-essential items should not be brought to campus this fall to ensure the ability to vacate quickly if necessary. Staff will not be able to accept these items at the RSD.

We recognize many students will be impacted by these necessary limitations. As an alternatives to frequent deliveries to the RSD:

  • Consider having items delivered to an alternate address (their permanent address, an off campus address, or even an Amherst Post Office Box) where they can pick them up at their convenience.
  • Utilize services that deliver directly to the student, such as local food delivery or services where items from local retailers are delivered directly to the student, like InstaCart.
  • Choose to mainly use a single on-line retailer where they “add to cart” as needed but only “proceed to checkout”  every week.  Whenever possible, select the option to receive a single shipment with all items in your cart.

Your Residential Service Desk is not able to accept any package that requires an ADULT SIGNATURE (Age 21+) upon attempted delivery. Some items that would require an ADULT SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION are alcohol, cigarettes, firearms/ammunition and items of high value. It is important to note that some computer vendors will require an ADULT SIGNATURE when shipping computers due to their high value. Before ordering a computer, please contact your Residential Service Desk and speak with the Service Desk Coordinator about this exception.

eCampus @ UMass Textbook Delivery

When purchasing course materials for the upcoming semester with eCampus @ UMass, have them shipped to your residential address and they will be available for pickup at your RSD. Please note that campus pickup locations are not in service during fall 2020 semester due to COVID-19.

Not Getting Your Mail?

If you are having problems with your mail please contact your RSD. Misaddressed mail is forwarded by University Mail Services, 120 Tillson Farm Rd, to a resident's most current address as it appears in SPIRE. If Mail Services is holding any mail for you, you will be notified by email to come in person with your student ID between the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If you accidentally sent something to an old campus address, mail and packages sent via USPS will be forwarded to your current campus address if you are currently living on campus.  If you are not living on campus, USPS mail and packages will be forwarded to your permanent address as it is listed in SPIRE. Mail and Packages sent via any other delivery vendor will be returned to sender by the vendor.  You should contact either the delivery vendor UPS, FedEx, DHL, wetc.) to discuss rerouting options or contact the seller (Target, Amazon, etc.) to reroute your order.

Mail Delivery during Summer and Winter session

Standard (Bulk) mail and Periodicals (magazines, newspapers) will not be forwarded. You are required to change your address directly with the Circulation Department for each publication.

Bank Statements are returned to the Bank. Mail Services recommends that you contact your Financial Institution and update your mailing address.

Credit Card 'offers' are returned to sender.

Campus Mail is returned to the originating Department. Other 1st Class Mail is forwarded to the permanent address students have provided on SPIRE. Please be patient. Mail Services hand-addresses thousands of pieces of mail.