Key and Card Access

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Key Services and Information

At check-in, each resident will sign a key agreement with their RSD in exchange for their room key. That key is then the resident’s responsibility and they will be charged to replace it if it is lost or stolen.

Residential Life Staff encourages students to keep their key in a secure place and recommend that they never attach their key to their UCard because of the security threat that losing a room key and a UCard together poses to residents.

Back-Up Keys

Back-up keys will ONLY be issued free of charge during RSD hours when the student comes to the desk to sign the key out. Please see Key Procedures below for details.

Locked Out?

Lock-out Assistance is a fee-based service that allows residents that have locked themselves out of their room, to call their RSD or the RA on duty and request that a Residential Life staff member unlock their door for them. This service will incur a $50 fee to the users bursar bill. 

PLEASE NOTE:  At no time are lockout assistance services free of charge and if the resident is unable to provide their room key upon entry into their room, a standard recore will be ordered at a fee of $100.00 to the resident.   Please see Key Procedures below for details.

Key Procedures

Back-Up Key Protocol

The following back-up key procedure has been adopted campus-wide for each time a resident wants to check out their back-up key.

• The RSD staff member will determine the resident's need for a back-up key. A back-up key can be issued in only two instances:

• A resident loses their key.
• A resident is locked out of their room.

In order to be issued a back-up key, the student will need to confirm their housing assignment and provide their Campus ID for verification, or must be able to provide the staff member with their ID number and either their birth date, or their permanent address as listed in SPIRE.

NOTE: Students may borrow/sign-out a back up key (up to 24-hours each time) multiple times a semester. Students must provide their originally issued key when returning the back up key; if they are unable Residential Life must order a recore at a charge of $100.00. UNDER NO CONDITIONS EVER SHALL ANY ROOM KEY BE ISSUED TO ANY INDIVIDUAL OTHER THAN THE RESIDENT OF THAT ROOM.

Recore Protocol

A room will be recored if:

• the backup key is not returned to the RSD within 24 hours of signing it out
• a resident is unable to provide proof of the original key when returning the back up key
• a key is reported as lost or stolen​
• a resident is unable to provide proof of the original key at the time of lockout assistance service

The charge for a regular recore (done within two working days) is $100.00. In instances when a person or property are in danger because a key has been lost or stolen, an expedited recore (done within the same day) will be requested. The charge for an expedited recore is $250.00.

When a recore is ordered, each roommate must receive a new key. ONLY THE RESIDENT WHO LOST THEIR KEY WILL BE CHARGED.

Expedited Recores

In special situations (e.g., in the case of personal safety), an expedited re-core will be ordered. This recore will be performed within three hours of the request and a charge of $250.00 will be placed on the student's bursar bill.

UCard Access Issues

The Residential Service Desks are responsible for helping residents with Card Access issues. If your UCard is not working at the main door to your building or at your RSD location during business hours, please contact your RSD so that they can help get it fixed.

Lost or Stolen UCard

If you have lost your UCard, or suspect that it has been stolen, immediately contact the UCard office to shut off your access and come to the RSD to get a Temporary Access card until your card can be replaced.

NOTE: All residents and staff share the responsibility for the security of residence halls by not propping doors and by closing doors that are found propped open. Alarmed doors should be used only when the fire alarm is sounding, and appropriate housing staff should be notified of any broken door hardware or card access hardware.

UCard Access Provided

The following access is provided to all residents:
Residence Hall - 24 hour, 7 day access

RAP Class Access

Students who are registered for classes that meet in residence hall classrooms are provided access to the residence hall until at least 15 minutes after the class begins.

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