Orchard Hill Area

Orchard Hill Area

Overlooking campus, amid rolling hills and apple trees, is the Orchard Hill Residential Area. The area consists of four residence halls surrounding a central grassy area known as "The Bowl." Each residence hall has seven floors with two corridors on each floor branching off from the lobby/elevator area in the center of the floor.

Orchard Hill Residential Area currently features:

Living and Learning Communities  
First-Year Halls located in: Dickinson and Webster Halls

Defined Residential Communities
Wellness Floor (for students who want alcohol- and substance-free living)

First-Year Residential Academic Programs (RAPs)  
Dickinson: Engineering Majors RAP, Computer Science Majors RAP, Foundations: Sciences RAP
Webster: Politics Today RAP, Careers in Education RAP, Foundations RAP

360° Tour
Double Room

Other Area Features
Snack bar in Field Hall
Close proximity to Morrill Science Center, University Health Services, Franklin Dining Commons, Worcester Dining Commons and more.