Lincoln Apartments

Lincoln Apartments

Welcome to Lincoln ApartmentsThings You Need To Know About Living in Lincoln

The Lincoln Apartments are located near the Southwest residential area on campus.

The 105 units are categorized as follows:
24 studio apartments (294 square feet each)
65 one-bedroom apartments (410 square feet each)
16 two-bedroom apartments (392 square feet each).

Contact Information
Should you have any Residential Life related questions, please contact our Student Services Office at 413.545.2100. The office staff is happy to answer your questions and refer you as needed! The Student Services Office is located in the Whitmore Administration Building, Room 235.
During the academic year, you may also contact the Graduate Assistant for Lincoln Apartments at 413-546-1778 or the Apartment Complex Coordinator at 413-545-7111. These staff members can provide you with more information about resources, events and opportunities within the community.

Apartment furnishings
• One bed per student 
• One bureau per student 
• One desk and chair per student 
• Two cushioned living room chairs 
• Small kitchen table and two chairs 
• Stove top oven 
• Refrigerator 

Floor Plans
1 Bedroom
2 Bedroom

    Laundry services for Lincoln are centrally located in Lincoln (104 and 603). The laundry machines will be operated by either coin or UCard. 

    Rent will be charged through your student bill each semester. Therefore, rent for the semester will be due on the same day bills are due. Typically financial aid gives you a certain amount of aid for housing which will be applied towards your bill. If you have further questions about financial aid feel free to contact Financial Aid Services

    Safety and Storage at Lincoln

    Means of Egress
    The accepted practices regarding Means of Egress at Lincoln includes all balconies, stairwell landings and stairways associated with these apartments.
    The outside areas in front of apartments are public spaces and thus, need to comply with the safety codes. Buildings where the balconies are small and limited such as Buildings #2, #7, #9 and #11 should maintain the space as is for free and clear access and have no impediments for fire and emergency personnel. Massachusetts' state regulations include having access in a continuous manner to all hand rails on balconies and stairwells without any impediments.

    Routine Inspections
    Residents are given guidelines for complying with Massachusetts' state regulations. Family Housing staff will report violations of the Massachusetts' state regulations to Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), a campus agency that establishes, implements, and monitors University policies regarding all forms of safety and environmental health. EH&S will be called to help enforce sanitary conditions in apartments including compliance with Family Housing roach monitoring and spraying program. EH&S staff routinely inspect areas outside the apartments without prior notification. EH&S can be reached at 545-2682.

    Storing Belongings Outside Lincoln Apartments
    The outside areas in front of apartments are public spaces and thus, need to comply with the Massachusetts' state regulations.
    Residents cannot store belongings in these public walkway areas which are impediments for fire and emergency personnel. On the second floors of Buildings #2, #7, #9, #11 none of this is "private" area and complete access needs to exist at all times.
    Outside furniture - plastic/or folding lawn chairs and small tables - is allowed next to apartments.
    There shall be no hanging, displaying, or installing toddler seats, tire swings or any other hanging recreational equipment in any part of the exterior grounds and common areas.

    Bikes cannot be attached to the railings of buildings as they create an impediment for access to hand railings.
    Bike racks will be placed on the ground floors of Buildings #2, #5, #7, #9, #11 underneath the stairwell. The storage area for bikes will be marked for containment. Residents living in Buildings #1, #3, #4, #8, # 10 are encouraged to use the bike racks listed above.
    Only residents living in the end units on the first floor of Buildings #1,#3, #4, #8, #10 may park their bikes under the stairwell. Family Housing will not buy storage racks for these areas.

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