Apartment Types and Fees

The 2019-2020 monthly rental rates (effective October 1, 2019-June 30, 2020for Family Housing are as follows:

Rental Rates

One Bedroom: $890.00
One Bedroom ADA: $890.00
One Bedroom ADA, Non-disabled Person: $910.00
Two Bedroom: $1040.00
Two Bedroom ADA: $1040.00
Two Bedroom ADA, Non-disabled Person: $1060.00

*Note: A mandatory monthly telecommunications charge of $30.00 is a separate charge (from the rent) and is billed and collected by Information Technologies (IT).


With the exception of the first month’s rent which is dependent on the Student’s move-in date, monthly rent is due and payable on the 1st day of every month the Student lives in North Village. All rent charges will be on the Student’s bursar bill. The Bursar’s Office has several payment options, including:

  • Quick Pay
  • Mail
  • In person payment
  • International Payments through Peertransfer
  • GEO Payment deductions
  • Veteran Educational Benefits
  • 529 Plans
  • Financial Aid

For more information about the Office of the Bursar, please visit http://www.umass.edu/bursar/.

Residential Technology Fee - Family Housing

The Residential Technology Fee – Family Housing covers basic technology support in campus-owned family housing residences. This charge of $30.00 per month supports select residence phone infrastructure and wired network services and is administered by UMass Amherst Information Technology. All Residential Technology Fee-Family Housing charges will be on the Student’s bursar bill. For more information about the Office of the Bursar and payment methods, please visit http://www.umass.edu/bursar/.

If a Student commits to residency after the 23rd of any given month there will be no Residential Technology Fee – Family Housing due that month. If a Student terminates residency from the 1st through 7th of any given month there will be no Residential Technology Fee – Family Housing due that month. For more information please visit http://www.it.umass.edu/ or email restelcom@umass.edu.

Renter's Insurance

Although the University uses reasonable efforts to protect residents' property, the University is not in any way liable for any loss or damage to personal property because of fire, theft, or any other cause. University Police checks the outer facilities regularly for safety and security, but the use of Family Housing facilities is at the risk of each tenant. Residents are not covered by University insurance, so we strongly recommend that you obtain an apartment renter's insurance policy to cover your personal property. 

Apartment Lock Replacement 

The locks in the apartment are replaced (recored) for various reasons. The most common:

• Not all keys are turned in by the previous tenants, which causes a security issue 
• Someone loses their key(s). 

If you lose your keys to your Family Housing apartment, you can get new keys and your locks can be replaced (recored) for a fee. Also, if you fail to return all of the keys when you move out of your apartment, you will be charged a recore fee, as this is a security risk for the next resident. 

Expedited Recore

You can request a recore at any time. However, be aware that if a recore occurs outside the normal working hours of the maintenance staff, it is an emergency recore and costs considerably more than a daytime recore. Before an emergency recore can be done, the maintenance staff must make sure that the recore is necessary. For example: If both your keys and your ID are lost the recore is essential, as this is a serious security risk.