Billing Process

Family Housing Vacate Notice
Family Housing Vacating Procedures

Moving In

Before a Student is given a key(s) to their North Village apartment, they will need to sign their lease and pay their security deposit.

Security Deposit

Students are required to pay a security deposit at move-in. The security deposit is equal to one month’s full rent. The security deposit can only be paid in person by check, money order, bank order or cash at the Bursar’s Office. The security deposit will be deposited in a separate interest bearing account maintained by Family Housing. Students will be provided with the bank’s name and account number where the security deposit is deposited. The security deposit cannot be used to pay the last month’s rent.

After each full year the Student has lived in North Village, the Student will be given interest for their security deposit for the previous year. If the Student moves out of North Village before the end of one full year, the Student will not be entitled to accrued interest. The security deposit will be refunded to the Student in full, plus any accrued interest the Student may be entitled to, within thirty (30) days from the date the Student surrenders their apartment keys.

Monthly Rent

Rent is billed on the Student’s Bursar bill and paid through the Bursar’s Office. The first month’s rent may be a full month of rent or a prorated amount based on the date the Student moves in to North Village. With the exception of the first month’s rent which is dependent on the Students move-in date, monthly rent is due and payable on the 1st day of every month the Student lives in North Village.

The Bursar’s Office has several payment options, including:

  • Quick Pay 
  • Mail 
  • In person payment 
  • International Payments through Peertransfer 
  • GEO Payment deductions 
  • Veteran Educational Benefits 
  • 529 Plans 
  • Financial Aid

For more information about the Office of the Bursar, please visit

Picking Up Your Keys

To pick up key(s) the Student is required to bring to Family Housing a receipt for their security deposit payment. One key will be signed out to the Student for each adult listed on the Family Housing lease. Family Housing keys cannot be duplicated. If the Student loses their keys, they will be charged to replace the lock(s) and key(s). See Apartment Lock Replacement for more information.

Move-Out Process

Students must submit a Vacate Notice to the Family Housing Office prior to moving out. A pre-move out inspection will be scheduled with the vacating Student at least ten (10) days before the Students scheduled move-out date. See Vacate Procedures for more information. Students will return all keys to their apartment to the Family Housing Office on the date of their move-out. If a Student moves out and does not return their keys, they will continue to be billed their monthly rental charge until all keys are returned. If the Student lost their keys, they will be charged a recore fee. See Apartment Lock Replacement for more information.