Family Housing Community Standards

Family Housing tries to create an environment that supports intellectual life, encourages responsible living, provides support services to residents and their families, promotes respect for cultural diversity, and fosters the development of community living.

Residents' Responsibilities to the University

Residents of Family Housing are responsible for knowing and abiding by the policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and codes established by the University including the Family Housing Manual and Lease Agreement. Students and their guests are expected to know and abide by the Code of Student Conduct and Residential Life Community Standards. Residential Life administrative procedures can take place before, after or concurrently to a Code of Students/Residential Life Community Standards process

Visitor Policy

Overnight visitors are permitted for up to fifteen consecutive days in a one month period. With the addition of overnight visitors occupancy must not exceed maximum capacity. Visitors staying for more than three consecutive days must be registered with the Family Housing Office. Tenants are responsible for the behavior of visitors. Visitors are expected to comply with Family Housing and University policies and regulations.

Noise Policy

Family Housing apartments cannot contain noise from loud TVs, stereos, or large parties. Residents shall make every effort at all times including, but not limited to, the hours between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. not to play or operate any musical instrument, radio, television, or other like devices in the leased premises as not to create a disturbance to anyone outside the premises leased by the tenant.

Pets Prohibited

Dogs, cats, and other pets are prohibited. Assistance animals are allowed with proper documentation from the Office of Disability Services.

Outdoor Space Policy

There is limited storage space available for personal property, such as bicycles, outdoor toys and grills. Contact the Family Housing Office for more details. It is the desire of Family Housing to keep the housing premises at a high standard of maintenance and cleanliness. This includes the outside areas as well as the interior of the buildings and apartments. This can only be accomplished by cooperation of all residents. Residents are expected to keep the front and rear of their apartment tidy. Anything seeming to create a hazard or unsightly appearance, will be addressed by Family Housing staff, including but not limited to, clotheslines, bicycles, garbage, children's toys and storage of grills.

Safety, Storage and Other Facilities at North Village

Family Housing policies relating to the safety and upkeep of the grounds in North Village are contained in Section 20 of the Family Housing Lease Agreement. It states, in part:

"The Tenant shall not store, maintain, keep or otherwise place any items, including but not limited to, automobile parts, hazardous chemicals, cardboard boxes, recyclable materials, garbage, indoor furniture and other items not designed to be outdoors in the hallways, exterior grounds, common areas and entrance ways of the building, except as otherwise specifically authorized by the Landlord."

Please follow these guidelines:

• You may store bicycles, outdoor furniture, and children's outdoor toys outside on your porch and next to your apartment. You are not permitted to attach bicycle racks to the exterior walls of the apartment.

• Tenants storing any other items outside their residences will be asked to remove them.

• Hanging, displaying, or installing toddler seats, tire swings, or any other hanging recreational equipment in any part of the exterior grounds and common areas is not permitted.

Storage space is not available in North Village. Should you need to rent storage space, the Family Housing Office can provide you with a list of local storage-rental companies.

Structures and Alterations

Outside structures such as worktables, storage sheds, or play structures may not be built or placed on the grounds. Alterations or additions may not be made on the roof or to the exterior walls of the premises. The following items cannot be installed inside your apartment or attached to the roof or exterior walls of your apartment:

• Satellite dishes 
• External antennas 
• Clotheslines
• Swings 
• Hammocks