Family Housing Application Process


Application Process

Please be aware that the demand for Family Housing apartments far exceeds the number of apartments available. Throughout the year, Family Housing offers apartments to eligible students based on availability. In order to meet demand during our high move-in periods, Family Housing will post available apartments online in advance here

While there is a guarantee that Family Housing will have apartments available in the month the apartments are advertised for, there is no guarantee to the number of apartments Family Housing will have available to rent. At times, the waitlist may exceed the number of available apartments.

Family Housing keeps a monthly (June, July, August, etc) waitlist for University affiliated students. The waitlist is organized by apartment size. Affiliated Students are placed in numerical order on the waitlist based on the date and time their application was approved by staff in the Family Housing Office.  At the end of each month, the waitlist is discarded; affiliated Students are not brought over from one month to the next. To be placed on the waitlist for a particular month, an affiliated Student must submit a completed application with all necessary supporting documents and have their affiliation with the University verified. Once all requirements for Family Housing have been verified, the application will be date and time stamped with the affiliated Student being added to the waitlist.

Proof of Eligibility

The student must submit proof of their family status when applying for an apartment in Family Housing. At the time of occupancy the family member(s) must reside with the student on a full-time basis. The student covenants that s/he will give prompt notice to the Family Housing Office of any change in household composition for the sole use in determining the tenant’s eligibility for tenancy under the lease. Occupancy of the leased premises is limited to the University affiliated student, student’s spouse/domestic partner and/or the student’s dependent(s) who must reside with the student on a full-time basis.

Required Documents:
• Photo IDs required from all occupants
• Marriage Certificate or Civil Union Certificate - if applicable, provide a copy
• Dependent(s) Birth Certificate - If applicable, provide copies of each dependents' birth certificate
• New Student Acceptance Letter - Copy required only from new students

* Please note: it is unlawful for Family Housing to make copies of birth certificates. For this reason, applicants must provide the copies themselves. If you are offered an apartment, you will need to bring in the original birth certificate(s) to verify the documents on file.

The Family Housing Office reserves the right to require proof of identity and proof of any relationship. Anyone living in Family Housing who does not meet Family Housing qualifications and who is not an authorized guest is trespassing, and the University may take legal action against that person.

For eligibility questions, please contact the Family Housing Office at (413) 545-3115, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm or email

If you are eligible for Family Housing and wish to apply, please complete the Family Housing Application and email it to

When Offered an Apartment to Rent

Family Housing will make an offer to an affiliated student on the waitlist as soon as an apartment is available. All apartment offers are made by email. When an apartment offer is received, affiliated students have 24 hours to respond to Family Housing by email either accepting or reject the apartment. Each affiliated student is allowed one apartment rejection. When an apartment offer is rejected and the affiliated student wishes to remain on the waitlist, the affiliated student will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist with the new application date and time being the day and time the apartment offer was rejected.

Off Campus Student Services Housing Search

We encourage students to investigate other living options in the area due to the high demand for North Village apartments. For more information about other housing options in the local area, visit the Off Campus Housing website If you wish to speak with someone, visit UMass Amherst Off Campus Student Services at Student Union 314 or contact Off Campus Student Services by phone (413) 577-1005 or email

Apartment Transfers

Family Housing allows for current student leaseholders to transfer from one apartment to another in North Village when availability allows. Transfer Eligibility: Students requesting a transfer must have lived in North Village for at least twelve (12) months are current on their rent payments and must not have an anticipated graduate date within the current lease period. Any student submitting a transfer request cannot have any active lease violations and must pass a pest control and pre-move out inspection of their current apartment in order for the transfer request to be approved.

Please read the Apartment Transfer Guidelines found HERE before submitting a transfer request.

To access the request form, you must be signed out of all personal Google accounts and signed into your Apps at UMass account. All requests must be submitted online at the request form HERE. If you are unable to complete the form online, please visit the rental office in C-01 for assistance.

Submitting a transfer request does not guarantee an offer to transfer will be extended. Family Housing reserves the right to reject a transfer request for any reason, including but not limited to, outstanding rent, citations, outstanding violations, housekeeping concerns or damage to the students current apartment and/or pest issues.