Custodial Services

The Housing Services Custodial Staff is responsible for all public area cleaning in the residence halls. Their every day duties include removing rubbish from the trash rooms and cleaning the bathrooms, lounges, stairwells, and corridors in all residence halls.

Custodial staff do not clean up after social events or clean up extraordinary conditions. When such events occur, it is the responsibility of the residents who held the event or who reside on the floor to clean up after themselves. When residents fail to clean up after themselves, residential staff is notified and the situation must be cleaned up within twenty-four hours.

The custodial staff works seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Recycling and Trash

Your room is equipped with a trash receptacle and recycling bin. The University has an active all-in-one recycling program. All paper, bottles and cans can be recycled in the blue recycling bin. Cardboard is recycled as well and needs to be placed next to the trash receptacle in the designated area. All student room trash and recycling should be placed in the appropriate receptacle in the trash room or designated area.

Contact University Health Services for the proper disposal of sharp objects (needle, syringe, etc.) at (413) 577-5000.

Cleaning Schedules

Custodial work schedules are planned so that non-residential areas are cleaned early every morning. Work on resident floors, with the exception of trash and recycling removal, normally does not begin until after 8:30 a.m..

Bathrooms are cleaned at a scheduled time that is posted at the entrances to the bathroom. Please abide by these posted times.

For a copy of your custodial cleaning schedule, please call your Area Office.


The kitchenettes are examples of public spaces that are not cleaned by custodial staff. They empty the trash only. Please clean up after yourself and do not leave dishes or appliances unattended. If the kitchenettes are not kept in a sanitary manner, EH&S is contacted.

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