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Mailing Address
Birch Hall
153 Commonwealth Avenue
Amherst, MA 01003-9253 

For more information about mail, please visit the Residential Service Desk information page.

Residential Service Desk
Commonwealth Honors College Service Desk
(413) 545-7599 

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About the Community
For fall 2020 Birch Hall is a part of the Residential First-Year Experience (RFYE). RFYE halls are designed as living-learning communities where first-year students can engage with their peers around common interests and pursuits. First-year halls offer intentional staffing and support to assist students in their transition to the University.

Contact Information
Should you have any Residential Life related questions, please feel free to contact our Student Services Office at 413-545-2100. The office staff is happy to answer your questions and refer you as needed! The Student Services Office is located in the Whitmore Administration Building, Room 235. During the academic year, you may also contact the Residence Director for Birch Hall. The Residence Director can provide you with more information about resources, staff, events and opportunities within the community.

Hall Features
First-Year residence hall
Suite and Apartment-style living options
Faculty in Residence
Coed residence located in Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community
Community lounge
Air Conditioned
Laundry facility

Suite and Apartment Features
Rooms include cable TV and wireless internet access
Single, bunkable, or loftable beds (80" long x 36" wide)
Desks and chairs
Wardrobe / closets
Recycling bins
Two club chairs
Coffee table
End table

Apartment Only Features
Kitchen table with four chairs

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