Residence Halls

At UMass Amherst, residence halls are a lot more than a place to sleep. The fifty-two residence halls and apartment buildings are grouped into seven separate and very different residential areas: Central, Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community, Northeast, Orchard Hill, Southwest, Sylvan and North. Each possesses its own distinctive characteristics, inspired in part by location, in part by architecture, and in part by the different cultural or academic living/learning programs housed within.

Whether you prefer a residential area nestled amid rolling hills or a neighborhood located at the heart of the campus, a high-rise tower or a red brick residence hall, a suite or a traditional room, UMass Amherst offers a housing option to meet your needs and expectations.

Each residential area houses classrooms, recreational and social centers, kitchenettes, and cultural centers - in addition to the bedrooms, study areas, laundries, television rooms, and dining facilities you might expect. Each residential area also has its own student governing body and is, in effect, a community unto itself.

There are single-sex environments and coed residences halls as well as communities where students who share common interests can live.

Some of you may want to select a Special Housing Option or a Living and Learning Community and live on a floor designated for students who share social identities, lifestyle preferences, or cultural bonds. 

Your residential choices are extensive. 

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