Your Move-In Checklist

Be sure to check off all the boxes before coming to campus for Move-In!

 Make sure you have your UCard

  • New students must upload their UCard photo with the UCard Office
  • Returning students who have lost their UCard must request a replacement from the UCard Office
  • At this point any student who requests a UCard will have to pick their UCard up from the UCard Office after Move-In. Failing to upload a photo or request a UCard will cause delays in accessing their residence hall and meal plan. 

 Download the My UMass App

  • The My UMass app is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.
  • Maps and time sensitive notifications for Move-In will only be available in the app. Be sure to turn on notifications!
  • Familiarize yourself with the directions to your check-in location, the unload zone for your hall, and your designated parking lot during Move-In. On Move-In day you can turn on the location finder in the bottom right corner of your map to easily navigate campus.

  Update your Emergency Contact information in SPIRE.

  View your assignment on SPIRE starting August 8. 

  • Contact your roommate and decide what to bring to avoid having two MicroFridges, two TVs, etc.
  • Not Sure What to Bring? Get some advice from previous students to avoid bringing too much. Remember, only one car per student will be granted access to the residence hall on Move-In Day.
  • Please be advised that only one car/vehicle will be allowed in the unloading zone on Move-in day.  
  • Students who live outside Massachusetts and wish to ship items to campus prior to Fall Move-In should review the Luggage Program.

  Complete your Move-In Reservation on SPIRE August 15-23.

  Use our directions to your Check-In location. 

  • Directions to your Check-In location are in the Living at UMass app or on this website. Do not use your GPS - local traffic patterns will be changed specifically for Move-In. Using your GPS will delay your arrival. Follow the Check-In location directions for your hall.

  Have your UCard ID and Boarding Pass ready on Move-In Day.

  • You will need to show your UCard and Boarding Pass as you arrive on campus to check in. Forgetting your boarding pass will add a minimum of 30 minutes to your move-in time. You must have a valid picture ID (i.e. Student ID, license, passport) in order to receive your room key.

  Pack the one vehicle that will be unloaded at your residence hall.

  • Pack heavier items last so they are the first items placed in the moving bins.
  • High value electronics are only eligible for moving assistance if they are in their original packaging.  High value items not in their original packaging must be transported by the owner and UMass is not responsible for any damages to these items.
  • Please do not pack boxes/containers so heavy that they cannot be carried.  Assume that you will not have access to an elevator during move-in times.  Students may have to use the closest stairwell to carry their belongings to their room while move-in takes place, or they can wait until move-in concludes and elevators are available for residents to use.

We look forward to seeing you on campus!

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