Move-Out Checklists

Must-Do's for Move-Out |  Packing Tips Every Student Should Know

Over 7,000 students will be moving out of the residence halls on Thursday, May 9th due to the finals schedule. If possible, move out prior to Wednesday, May 8th to avoid significant traffic and wait times.

Checklist - Must-Do’s for Move-Out 

checkbox Use multiple trips. 
Going home over the Patriots Day weekend or Easter weekend? Take the opportunity to bring as much of your belongings home as possible. 

checkbox Decide if you need storage
UMass has partnered with Dorm Room Movers to offer students a convenient summer storage option with the added benefit of having your belongings delivered during Move-In. Please note: no other vendor will be allowed on campus during Move-In. 

checkbox Purge before packing. 
Eliminate clutter and get rid of unnecessary items. Be sure to distinguish between items you will donate, recycle or throw away. 

checkbox Get moving supplies. 
Be sure to have boxes, bins, zip ties, and other moving supplies on hand before move out day. 

checkbox Start packing early. 
If you’ve already started your packing process, you will avoid the stress and time consumption of last minute packing. 

checkbox Don’t forget to clean. 
Be sure your space is broom swept and in the same condition as when you arrived to avoid additional charges. Find the locations of cleaning supplies you can borrow in your Residential Area by clicking the correct Area Move Out below. 

checkbox Return your key to your Residential Service Desk. 
Make sure you return your key before leaving campus in order to avoid a lock recore fee. 

checkbox Avoid traffic and move out after your last final. 
Over 7,000 residents will move-out on Thursday. Avoid sitting in traffic around campus and on your route home by heading home as early as possible. 

checkbox Know the traffic pattern for your area. 
If you must move out on Wednesday or Thursday, be aware that traffic patterns on campus will be altered and plan accordingly.

checkbox Be ready to load your belongings when your ride arrives
There will be no parking near the halls during Move-Out. Only cars being loaded with belongings will be permitted.  

Tricks of the Trade - Packing tips every student should know 

• Know that you'll have more belongings than you moved in with. 
You have accumulated additional belongings since the beginning of the year. Plan accordingly by taking multiple trips and being ready with additional moving supplies. 

• Leave clothing on their hangers. 
Zip tie hangers together and cover the clothing with a plastic trash bag. Tie the bottom of the trash bag to keep your items clean. 

• Roll your bedding up together. 
Create more space in your car by rolling sheets, comforters, and even pillows together and using a belt to secure them. 

• Leave items packed in plastic drawers. 
Be sure to secure the doors with Duct Tape or something similar. 

• Place loose items in small boxes or containers. 
Small boxes or Tupperware are great for transporting jewelry, toiletries, school supplies, and the rest of the stuff you’ve accumulated this year. 

• Don’t use trash bags. 
Yes, a trash bag to protect clothes on hangers is one thing, but putting everything you own into 6 trash bags is not the best idea. Regular shaped items like boxes and plastic bins (that you probably already have) are much easier to pack into a car. 

• Did you keep the box your tv, computer, lamp, etc. came in? 
Use the original boxes for the safest and most efficient transport of electronics and other expensive items. 

• Tame loose cords with rubber bands. 

• Be sure to balance weight when packing boxes and bins. 
Start with heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top. Try to keep the weight of each box similar to avoid straining yourself.