Move-In Spring 2021

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All students living on campus are required to:

  • Complete a COVID-19 test upon arrival, then follow back-to-campus quarantine guidelines in your residence hall room while limiting all interactions.
  • Get second test on day four. Continue to limit all interactions until receiving a second negative test. Upon receipt of second negative test result, you can participate in face-to-face classes, campus activities or research activities.

Move-In Dates
Monday, January 25th - Sunday, January 31st 8:00am-4:00pm
*If you are unable to arrive on any of the Move-In days, please email Residential Life at

Make a Move-In Reservation

All students must make a Move-In Reservation on SPIRE. This is the time they will arrive to campus for Move-In. Move-In Reservation will be available January 11 through January 15 at 4 pm.  Due to expected high volume of users in SPIRE, students will have a designated start time to log in to Move-In Reservation based on their residence hall. Please view the Move-In Reservation Schedule to determine when you can select a Move-In time.

    Check In Instructions

    Please follow the steps outlined below when you arrive for Move-In. Remember, face masks are required at all times, both indoors and outdoors, during Move-In and students may have up to two people help them unload their belongings.

    Navigate to the Mullins Center at 200 Commonwealth Avenue Amherst, MA 01003. Enter the Public Health Promotion Center in the Mullins Center at the time of your Move-In Reservation to check-in, receive your room key, and complete your initial COVID-19 test.

    Navigate to your Residence Hall

    After checking-in, open the My UMass app and navigate to the map for your residence hall's unload zone. Turn on the location finder in the bottom right corner and use the map to get to the unload zone of your hall. Only one vehicle is permitted in the unload zone per student.

    Unload your Vehicle

    You and up to two helpers may unload your belongings and bring them up to your room. If you live in a building with an elevator, moving bins will be available in the lobby (students and helpers are responsible for sanitizing their own bin). You may take one bin to unload your belongings. Students should not have more belongings than what fits in a moving bin and will not be able to take multiple bins.

    Park Your Vehicle

    After unloading, move your car to your permitted parking lot.  Any non-permitted vehicles of move-in helpers should depart campus after unloading is complete.

    Unpack your Belongings

    Your two helpers are not able to stay to help you unpack and set up your room, due to the need to keep the number of people on campus as low as possible during move-in.

    Traffic Advisory

    Traffic may be heavy at times around campus and the Amherst/Hadley area, please plan your travel to campus accordingly. There will be no traffic pattern changes for move-in.

    After Move-In

    Upon your arrival in the Amherst area, you must complete a Back to Campus Quarantine by avoiding interactions with other individuals, and only leaving your residence hall room or off-campus residence to pick up food, get tested or receive medical care. Students may use shared hall bathrooms or showers and can participate in outdoor, individual activities such as walking and hiking.

    Back-to-Campus Quarantine is a modified quarantine. You have not been directly exposed to anyone with COVID-19, and you’re are not required to entirely separate yourself from other people. Rather, you should limit your interactions. This is a prevention measure designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 as UMass welcomes our community members back to campus.

      What if I can't arrive on any designated Move-In day?

      Students who are not able to check in to their Residence Hall prior to January 25, 2021. Students who have made travel arrangements are advised to either change travel plans, or look for Hotel accommodations for any dates prior to January 25, 2021. Students with extenuating circumstances who are unable to change travel arrangements may contact the Quarantine and Isolation Team at for assistance.

      Students who are unable to arrive during designated move-in dates should contact Residential Life Student Services at to request late arrival status. Prior to checking in, students will be required to use the campus health hub to schedule and test, and report to their test before they are allowed to check-in and begin their Back-to-Campus Quarantine.

      If you cannot make it to campus by Tuesday, February 2, be sure to contact us to avoid being reported as a no show and subject to cancelation of room assignment.

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