Damaged or Lost Items

The university is not responsible for student personal property that is lost, stolen, or damaged. Renters insurance is encouraged for students living in residence halls and off campus apartments. If you feel the University is responsible for property loss or damage, you may follow the process below to file a claim. 

  • Determine if the the item you are filing a claim for is valued over $20. Please note, all damaged items valued over $20 must be surrendered as part of the claim process. 
  • Fill out a Lost or Damaged Student Property Claim form online.
  • Attach appropriate documentation (photos of damage, receipts, tracking information, etc.) to support your claim for reimbursement to the claim form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I surrender my belongings?

They are securely stored within the RSD and will be kept until a final decision on your claim is made.  If your claim is approved, the University keeps the damaged belongings.  If your claim is denied, your belongings will be returned to you.  You have two (2) business weeks to reclaim your belongings from the date of notification that your claim has been denied.  If you do not reclaim your belongings during that timeframe, they will be disposed.

How long will it take to receive a decision?

The process typically takes thirty (30) days from the receipt of the Lost or Damaged Student Property Claim form to payment if the claim is approved. 

How will I be notified?

The Residential Services Coordinator will contact you once a decision has been made.  They will guide you through the next steps in the process based on the decision.

How is the decision made on whether to deny or accept a claim?

The decision is made on a visual inspection of the item, if surrendered, or photo(s) taken of the damage.  It is critical to provide as much detail as possible to support your claim.  It is also crucial to have appropriate documentation around the replacement cost of the item.  Original receipts or online transactions are highly recommended. 

If my claim is denied, is there further recourse?

Yes, you may submit an appeal through the Damage Billing Appeal process.  More information can be found at http://www.umass.edu/living/assign/billing-appeal