Special Housing Options

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For more information about these housing options, please call the Student Services Office at (413) 545-2100.


24-Hour Quiet Floors

Central and Southwest Areas

Residents of quiet floors live in an environment that has the maximum number of study hours. All noise (television, music, talking) must be maintained at a level agreed upon by quiet floor residents. Consideration for others is essential on quiet floors and forms the basis for a cohesive community.

Alcohol-Free Residence Hall

Central Area: Brooks Hall

Brooks Hall is an alcohol-free residence hall. Students and their guests may not possess or consume alcoholic beverages in this residence hall. The commitment of all residents to maintain an alcohol-free environment forms the basis of a respectful and encouraging community.

Break Housing Residence Halls

Central Area: Brett Hall, Gorman Hall
Orchard Hill: Grayson Hall
Southwest Area: Prince Hall, James Hall
North Apartments: All North Halls
Sylvan Area: Cashin Hall
Mount Ida at UMass: All Halls

Break Housing halls are the only halls that remain open during Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks. Please note the additional cost to reside in these halls. Halls marked as 'Opt-In' above will remain open over breaks, however students are expected to vacate over break periods unless they request permission to remain in their room. Students who request Break Housing in these halls, will be assessed break housing fees from that point through the end of the academic year.

Co-ed Suites

CHCRC, Sylvan Area and North Apartments

Returning students can request a suite or apartment to share with friends of any sex. While students assigned to a double room must be of the same sex, some suites or apartments, designated under living option as a "Coed Suite" or "Coed Apt" can house male and female students who share one common living area and one bathroom. Interested students with an appointment can form a roommate group and attempt to select these spaces using the appropriate Room Selection Process. Learn more about available processes.

Gender-related Housing

Gender-Inclusive Housing
Gender-Inclusive Housing allows for students to live together in a shared room, suite or apartment regardless of the student's sex or gender identity. Returning students can search for Gender Inclusive Housing options in our online room selection processes. New students can list gender inclusive housing on their preference application. More specific information about this option can be found here.

Mixed-Gender Housing
Most traditional residence halls are mixed-gender housing. Students of all genders reside together on a floor, with roommates of the same gender. Returning students may request a suite or apartment in CHCRC, Sylvan or North that is mixed-gender with students of the same gender sharing a room.

Single-Gender Housing
Single-gender floors are available for first-year students in Central and Southwest. Single-gender apartments and suites are available for returning students in North, Sylvan, and the Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community.

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