Safety and Security

Information from UMPD on Safeguarding Your Possessions

At UMass Amherst, personal safety and security is important for everyone. Observing safety precautions and knowing the established policies will help to prevent injury or mishap. To help ensure your safety and the safety of others:

• Observe the rules and policies. 
• Know where to find the campus services numbers. 
• Keep your hall and room secure. 
Remember, you and other residents share the responsibilities for maintaining an atmosphere where you can all study quietly, live safely, and treat one another respectfully.

Complete information on Residence Hall Access, Security and Safety Guidelines is available on the UMPD website

Help Phones

Approximately 100 yellow 'HELP' phones with blue lights are located at the entrance to all residence halls and throughout the campus. These emergency telephones enable you to call for help at the touch of a button. No dialing or conversation is required.

In case of an emergency - sudden illness, fire, robbery, assault, or the like -
• Go to the nearest HELP phone.
• Press the red HELP button. A police officer will be sent to your location at once.
• If you are able to do so, tell the dispatcher the nature of the emergency.

You can also use the telephones to report suspicious activity, unusual behavior, or hazardous situations to the Police.

Look for the yellow HELP phones and learn their locations along your daily campus route.

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