RFYE Staff

These staff members are here to help you. Do not be afraid to ask for help, seek advice, or just say hello!

Resident Assistants (RA) are undergraduate students who live on each residence hall floor. RAs are selected and trained to serve as a mentor, campus resource person, mediator, and policy enforcer. RAs plan social and educational activities and help to foster a community environment.

Peer Mentors (PM) re part-time, live-in, student staff members who have a visible, active and positive presence in first-year residence halls. Peer Mentors work individually and collaboratively to help first-year students experience a positive transition to UMass Amherst, and assist in the creation of inclusive, academically-focused communities.

Assistant Residence Directors (ARD) are part-time graduate staff members who live in the halls and assist the RD in the overall management of a residence hall cluster.

Residence Directors (RD) are full-time masters level professional staff members with previous Residence Education experience. They live in the halls and manage the overall administration and operation in a residence hall cluster of 1 to 3 buildings. Residence Directors supervise the hall staff, coordinate hall social and educational activities, oversee community and leadership development, advise House Council, and meet with students for personal and disciplinary counseling.

Learning Communities Graduate Assistants (LCGA) are responsible for assisting and developing the collaboration between Residence Education and Academic Affairs as it pertains to the Residential First-Year Experience. The main responsibilities include supervision of student staff and developing and facilitating residential academic success initiatives.

Residence Education Coordinator for Student Success (RECSS) are full-time masters level professional staff focused on developing a comprehensive academic-based first year program.