Guest Policy Modification

Summer 2022

Guest numbers are monitored throughout the academic year. If circumstances impacting safety and security dictate, the guest policy is temporarily adjusted to ensure our campus remains a healthy, safe, and secure environment. These temporary changes to the guest policy are in accordance with Residential Life (Housing) policy, as it relates to special circumstances involving concern for safety and security.  

  • Residential students may sign in UMass student guests only. 
    UMass Amherst residential students may host a maximum of two UMass Amherst student guests at one time. Guests who are not UMass Amherst students will not be permitted in the residence halls until further notice.   

Hosts should check with their roommates before inviting guests and are encouraged to engage in conversations about guests when completing a roommate agreement. Roommates have the right to refuse their roommate’s guest(s) or to ask the guest(s) to leave if the guest is being disruptive or their presence is in violation of an established roommate agreement.

  • Room Capacity 
    Each resident of a room/suite/apartment may host no more than two UMass Amherst students in their room/suite/apartment at one time. The maximum occupancy of a single room is 3, maximum occupancy of a double room is 6, and maximum for a 4-person suite or apartment is 12. 

 All other residence hall policies regarding residence hall access, residential security, and hosting responsibilities remain in effect.  

Updated May 11, 2022