Guest Policy

20232024 Academic Year

Throughout the academic year, residence hall security hours may be extended and guest policies adjusted for major athletic events, and weekends when a large number of guests are anticipated. Residential students will be notified when guest policies are adjusted. Again, please review the sections on guests and on safety and security in the Residence Hall Policies.

Beginning Thursday, March 7 at 8 p.m. and continuing through Sunday, March 10 at 11 p.m., residential students may sign in up to two (2) UMass Amherst students as guests. Only UMass Amherst students, faculty, staff, and emergency/health care response staff will be allowed in UMass Amherst Residence Halls during this period. Non-UMass Amherst guests should be checked out by 8 p.m. on Thursday March 7. Residence hall security desk hours will be expanded in residence halls from March 7–10.


A guest is defined as any individual who is not assigned to the residential hall. Residents are expected to sign in students from other UMass Amherst residence halls, Off Campus UMass Amherst students and Non-UMass guests with Residence Hall Security during their hours of operation. Residents should only provide access to individuals they are hosting as guests. The university reserves the right to modify the guest policy at any time and residents will be notified of any modifications.

  • Residents (hosts) are permitted to host up to two (2) guests in their residence hall at one time. Guests must be at least 16 years of age and possess a valid ID. Permission for guests under the age of 16 can only be obtained from Residence Hall Security staff. Residential Life and Residence Hall Security staff have the right to refuse entry to guests and/or ask guests to leave.
  • Overnight guests are limited to two (2) guests per resident (host). Guests may stay no longer than two consecutive nights. Guests must then wait at least 14 days before returning to the same room as an overnight guest. Guests must be accommodated in the host’s room.
  • Hosts should check with their roommates before inviting guests and are encouraged to engage in conversations about guests when completing a roommate agreement. Roommates have the right to refuse their roommate’s guest(s) or to ask the guest(s) to leave if the guest is being disruptive or their presence is in violation of an established roommate agreement.
  • The hosts must accompany their guests at all times while in the residence hall and are responsible for their guest’s behavior. Guests are never to be left unattended in community spaces such as lounges/common areas.
  • If a guest engages in behavior that does not meet University behavioral expectations, both the host and guest (if a student of the University) may be held accountable under the Code of Student Conduct. If a guest engages in concerning behavior or refuses to leave, residence hall staff or UMass Amherst Police Department (UMPD) may be contacted.


Room Occupancy

The maximum occupancy of any room, suite, or apartment is the number of assigned residents plus no more than 2 individuals per number of assigned residents.
All other residence hall policies regarding residence hall access, residential security, and hosting responsibilities are in effect.

  All other residence hall policies regarding residence hall access, residential security, and hosting responsibilities are in effect.  

Updated January 29, 2024

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