Of The Year Awards

The 2018 Of the Year Awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday, April 11th, from 7-9pm in the Campus Center Auditorium.

The Of the Year Awards is an annual ceremony that honors and recognizes the hard work students and staff members have accomplished within Residential Life throughout the academic year. This ceremony honors RAs, PMs, House Councils, Residents, Area Governments, RDs, and more!

The deadline to submit nominations is Wednesday, March 7th by 11:59PM (link below)

Nomination Form

2018 Of the Year Awards Ceremony

Individual Student Awards

  • Resident Assistant (RA) of the Year
  • Peer Mentor (PM) of the Year
  • House Council Programming Board Member of the Year
  • House Council EBoard Member of the Year
  • E-Board Member of the Year (Residence Hall Association (RHA), Area Government, National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) )
  • RHA Member of the Year (Non-EBoard Member)
  • NRHH Member of the Year (Non-EBoard Member)
  • Resident of the Year
  • Advisor of the Year
  • Supervisor of the Year
  • Excellence in Leadership Award (1 per class; First-Year, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

Group Awards

  • Area Government

Community Development Awards

  • Overall Collaborative Initiative
  • Educational Initiative
  • Social Initiative
  • Social Justice Initiative

Check out the Category Descriptions  that provide standard definition and guidance for all OYAs nominations. We look forward to seeing you at the ceremony!