Minute Movers

Applications for Minute Movers for Fall 2022 HAVE BEEN EXTENDED through July 31st!!!  Apply at http://umass.erezlife.com!  

What is a Minute Mover?

Minute Movers are students who will be part of the Fall 2022 Opening team. You will help move students into the residence halls from September 1st, 2022 through September 3rd, 2022. You will have the opportunity to: 

  • Greet students and families as they arrive and help welcome them to our campus! 
  • Assist students in physically unloading belongings from vehicles and carry them to student rooms 
  • Act as a resource for information about student life and living at UMass Amherst. 
  • Serve as a role model for other students. 
  • Have fun and show your school spirit! 

What am I committing to as Minute Mover?

As a Minute Mover, you will need to move into your fall assignment on Tuesday, August 30th, 2022. Minute Movers are required to participate in a team training starting at approximately 1pm on the afternoon of August 31st and will work 2-3 shifts for up to 12 hours in total throughout Opening Weekend. 

What can I expect from the Minute Mover experience?

As your compensation for attending Minute Mover training and completing your scheduled shifts you will receive:

  • 10 documented volunteer hours for an RSO, course, or another student group 
  • A Minute Mover t-shirt that you will wear during your shifts throughout your tenure 
  • Free early arrival on Tuesday, August 30th
  • Free early arrival meal plan 
  • The opportunity to make a positive impact on the Move-In experience! 

Failure to meet the expectations and duties of the Minute Mover job description will result in being billed for meals used Thursday (9/1) through dinner on Sunday (9/4) and early arrival fees up to $350. The billing scale for early move-in fees is as follows:

  • Late to training: $30
  • Missed training: $50
  • Missed one shift: $150
  • Missed two shifts: $300
  • Missed two shifts and training: $350

Do you have a question about becoming a Minute Mover? Please feel free to contact us at mmovers@sacl.umass.edu