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What is Area Government?

Area Governments are representative bodies responsible for providing programming and development, as well as promoting student advocacy and community pride for each of our residential areas.  Area Governments in the past have presented a wide range of programs including concerts, carnivals, barbecues, dances, and other large-scale events.  Area Government is a great opportunity to get more experience with large-scale event planning and advocating for a positive living experience for all residents!

How do I run for a position?

To run for an executive board position, submit an Intent to Run form online and submit a Nomination Form to your area RSD by Sunday, September 8th, at 11:00pm.

All Area Government members are encouraged to attend our House Council and Area Government Training on Sunday, September 22nd.

What will you be doing there?

  • Learn about the structure of House Council and Area Government and how it fits with RHA and NRHH
  • Receive Neutrality Training to ensure your cluster has voting rights at RHA meetings
  • Learn more about your specific position in House Council or Area Government
  • Get to know other members and make new friends!

Position Descriptions for Area Government Officers

• Oversees the operations of your Area Government
• Develops meeting agendas and conducts/facilitates Area Government meetings
• Meets weekly with advisor and other Area Government officers
• Encourages interaction and discussion among group members
• Attends RHA meetings to meet with House Councils from the area
• Acts as a spokesperson for your organization to other campus organizations
• Follows up with committee chairs or other officers
• Leads goal setting and group building among your team

Lt. Governor
• Shares many responsibilities negotiated with Governor
• Takes place of Governor in case of Governor 's absence
• Serves as the liaison to area House Councils
• Meets weekly with advisor and other Area Government officers

• Records meeting minutes and distributes them
• Provides minutes to RHA and advisors
• Coordinates and edits newsletters and marketing documents
• Maintains Area Government bulletin board or posting area
• Maintains social media accounts for the group
• Meets weekly with advisor and other Area Government officers

• Manages and records all funds utilized
• Monitors ethical money allocation
• Oversees all fundraising efforts of Area Government
• Develops and reviews budget with advisors
• Submits semester budget report to SGA and advisors
• Meets weekly with advisor and other Area Government officers
• Has signature responsibility and attends SR training

I have more questions! Who do I contact?

Your RD or ARD, Area Government advisor, and current AG members are your best resource! You can find their contact information on Campus Pulse. You can also contact the Residence Hall Association at