Fall 2022 Hotel Housing Assignments

Hotel Addendum to the Residence Hall Occupancy License | Frequently Asked Questions

Due to increased demand for on-campus housing, some incoming transfer students will be assigned to double-occupancy rooms in Econo Lodge a hotel located in Hadley, MA about 15 minutes from campus. Watch a webinar with frequently asked questions and additional information!

Living in a Hotel Space

Students assigned to a hotel space will move in on Friday, September 2, 2022. More information about fall move-in is available here.

Students will be billed a discounted rate of $3,353. Please note that the room fee may change when you are assigned to a permanent on-campus space. Housing Fee adjustments will take into account the time that you remained in your hotel space.  Please click here to see the full list of housing fees.

All hotel assignments will be double occupancy rooms and students should plan to share the space with a roommate.  Hotel spaces will include a bathroom, two beds with linens, and a desk with access to Wi-Fi and laundry units. Hotel staff will turn over linens and clean the bathroom weekly.

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA), bus service will run throughout the day to assist students with getting to and from campus for classes and on-campus events. Students with a vehicle will also receive priority consideration for commuter lot spaces on-campus and will have access to park at the hotel.

Residence Education staff will be available in the Hotels to encourage connections, answer questions, and to provide support as students begin to familiarize themselves with UMass Amherst. Additionally,  there will be a variety of engagement opportunities provided in the hotel for students to connect with their community. 






I was placed in a Hotel. When do I move in? 

Students assigned to a hotel will move in on Friday, September 2nd, 2022. 

How much will it cost to live in a hotel? 

The cost to live in Econo Lodge for fall 2022 will be the reduced Expanded Housing rate, $3,353.00. 

Will I have a roommate? 

Since the hotel will have double occupancy rooms, students should expect to have a roommate. 

How long will I live in a Hotel Assignment? 

Residential Life currently expects that most students assigned to Econo Lodge will remain through fall semester.  Students will receive a priority appointment for shared spaces during Spring Room Selection processes to secure an on-campus assignment starting in Spring 2023.

We recently met with some residents of the Lodge to review how to secure Spring On-Campus Housing.  If you would like to watch the video, please click here.  You are also invited to contact Residential Life Assignments, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm at 413 545-2100 or by coming in to our office, located at 235 Whitmore.

What furniture will the hotel room have? 

The hotel room will have two beds (some rooms have full size, some have extra-long twin), two dressers, a place to hang clothes and two academic work spaces in the room. Linens (sheets and a pillow) for both types of beds and bath linens will be provided by the hotel and will be laundered weekly based on a schedule for each room.

What amenities will I have access to? 

The hotel will provide on-site continental breakfast each day from 6:00 – 10:00am. There will be a television and refrigerator in each room. Additionally, there will be cable TV, Air-Conditioning, and Pool Access.

Hotel staff will also clean bathrooms weekly and provide clean bathroom linens as well.

I ordered a MicroFridge, what are my next steps for my order?

Students are not able to have a microfridge unit delivered to their hotel assignment.  Please contact Microfridge at www.mymicrofridge.com, or by phone at 1-800-525-7307 to request a cancellation of your order.  Residential Life is communicating with them to ensure that you are able to rent a unit in the spring.

Is there laundry on-site? 

Yes there is one washer and dryer in the hotel.  They are coin operated machines and the cost for a washer is $1.50 and the dryer is $2.00. In addition to the on-site coin-operated washer and dryer, there are several local laundry vendors that offer pick-up and delivery and self-service options. Information about local vendors is available.

Will I get help moving in? 

Similar to moving to an on-campus assignment, students will receive moving assistance into their hotel assignment. Please see FAQs regarding what to bring. 

Where can I park? 

All students with vehicles will have access to park at the hotel (at no additional cost to the student). In addition, students assigned to the hotel will receive priority for a campus yellow lot permit. Students will be able to park in the correct lots associated with this permit when on campus. Permit is at the student’s own expense. 

How do I get mail/packages? 

You can pick up your mail/packages at the front desk in the hotel. You will receive an email if you have a package at the front desk.

· Staff cannot accept any item weighing over 40 lbs.

· The Hotel Front Desk is not able to accept any package that requires an ADULT SIGNATURE (Age 21+) upon attempted delivery. Some items that would require an ADULT SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION are alcohol, cigarettes, firearms/ammunition and items of high value. It is important to note that some computer vendors will require an ADULT SIGNATURE when shipping computers due to their high value. Before ordering a computer, please contact the front desk staff about this exception.

The address you will use while living in the hotel is:

Econo Lodge

Att: Student Name

Room #

329 Russell St

Hadley Ma, 01035

I ordered items from the Linens Program that I will not need until I move into a permanent assignment/ I shipped items to campus using the Luggage Program.  How does my hotel assignment affect this? 

Your packages will be delivered to you at the hotel upon your arrival. 

Am I allowed to decorate my room? 

If you would like to decorate your room, we encourage light decorations using command strips. If you do have any specific items you are unsure about hanging, you can speak with the hotel front desk staff. 

What should I bring to the hotel?  

Hotel spaces will include a bathroom with supplied linens, two beds with linens (sheets and pillow), two desk chairs and table/desk, two dressers, a television with a standard cable package, and a refrigerator. Since the hotel rooms will be cleaned weekly, as well as the linens, we suggest bringing only personal items such as clothes and clothes hangers, toiletries and personal care items, identification documents (License, State ID, Passport), medications, electronics, blanket/comforter and personal pillow if desired, laundry bag/basket, detergent and quarters for laundry, swimsuit if you wish to use the pool, umbrella, backpack, bike and bike lock if desired, and any items you will need for classes.

Will there be student engagement opportunities and activities? 

Residential Life staff will plan community meetings and other opportunities to build community.  Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the student programming board to plan social events for their peers.  There will be a variety of engagement opportunities to connect with other students in the hotel led by the student programming board.  

How will I get to and from campus? 

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA), bus service will run throughout the day to assist students with getting to and from campus for classes and on-campus events.  During the period of September 2 through September 6, students will present their UCard to ride for free.  Between September 6 through December 21, students ride for free during the academic semester without having to present their UCard.   

We are also installing outdoor bikes racks for any student who would like to bring a bike and use the Rail Trail to campus.  

We had hoped to be able to provide access to ZipCar at the Econo Lodge site, however due to franchise contract issues, the hotel is not able to host a Zip Car. Students with Zip Car accounts are still able to pick up and return Zip Cars on campus or at other Zip Car locations. 

How does this impact a meal plan? Will I have one even though I live in a hotel?   

Being assigned to the hotel should not change your meal plan to eat on campus. Grab and go options are available for students. 



There will be on-campus events happening during Welcome Weekend. How can I attend those if I am living in the hotel? 

During Welcome Weekend, students living in the hotel can utilize the B43 route to get to and back from campus.  On Saturday evening, Mall Madness busses will run later and can be utilized to get back to the hotel.  



What will the security look like in the hotel? 

The front desk is staffed 24 hours a day. Live-in Residential Life staff members will also be in the hotel to assist with any emergencies.  

What is the guest policy?  

The guest policy at UMass Amherst applies to students at the hotel.