Residential Life Communities Staff


Residential Life Communities Staff work with students in the residence halls in a variety of capacities. Use the quick links below to jump to the list of staff that you are looking to contact.

To email the staff member, click on their name or the community that you are looking to contact. If you aren't sure who to contact please email or call our central office to get assistance. 


Residential Life Central Office
Berkshire House 2nd Floor

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm 
Main Office: 413-545-6923
Fax: 413-545-1517


Residential Life Leadership Team

Central Office

Jean A. MacKimmie, Director of Residence Education
Alysha Desharnais, Business Coordinator

Jennifer Thornton, Office Manager
Julia Stubbs, Office Manager

Thondup Tsering, Coordinator for Student Success

East Campus

Julia Mohlala, Assistant Director for East Multi-Year:  Baker, Brooks, Brown, Brett, Cashin, Chadbourne, Field, Grayson, Greenough, Johnson, Lewis, and McNamara Halls
Kristen Dedrick, Assistant Director for East Residential First Year Experience (RFYE): Butterfield, Crabtree, Dickinson, Dwight, Gorman, Hamlin, Knowlton, Leach, Mary Lyon, Van Meter, Wheeler, Webster

West Campus

Lisa Giddens, Assistant Director for Southwest Towers
Karl Bluemel, Interim Assistant Director for Southwest Lowrises

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Residential Life Student Leadership Center
Moore Hall 101

Fax Number: 413-545-9566
Main Office:  413-545-3362
Liza Hurley, Coordinator for Student Leadership Programs
Michelle Mazanek, Office Manager
Ryenne Carpenter, Student Engagement and Leadership Graduate Assistant


North Apartments

North Apartments Residence Director
North Apartments Assistant Residence Director  - North A
413 545-6237
North Apartments Assistant Residence Director - North C
North Apartments Assistant Residence Director- North D   

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East Campus:  Central, Orchard Hill, Northeast, and Sylvan Areas


Baker, Chadbourne, and Greenough Halls
Residence Director 413-545-1617
Assistant Residence Director 413-545-7242

Brett and Brooks Halls
Assistant Director for East First Year 413-545-1582

Gorman and Wheeler Halls
Residence Director 413-545-1620
Assistant Residence Director 413 545-6244

Butterfield and Van Meter Halls
Residence Director 413-545-1621
Assistant Residence Director 413-545-0711

Orchard Hill

Dickinson and Webster Halls
Residence Director 413-545-1621
Assistant Residence Director 413-545-0711

Grayson and Field Halls
Residence Director 413-545-9904
Assistant Residence Director 413-577-2879


Dwight, Hamlin & Leach Halls
Assistant Director for East First Year 413-545-1582

Crabtree, Knowlton & Mary Lyon Halls
Assistant Director for East First Year 413-545-1582

Johnson, Lewis & Thatcher Halls
Residence Director 413-545-3877


Brown Hall
Residence Hall Coordinator 413-545-1627

Cashin Hall
Residence Director 413-545-1622

McNamara Hall
Residence Hall Coordinator 413-545-1181

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West Campus: Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community  &  Southwest Areas

Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community
Main Office: 413-545-7238
Fax. 413-545-7240

Elm and Linden Halls
Residence Director 413-545-1624

Oak Hall
Assistant Director for East First Year 413-545-1582

Sycamore Hall
Residence Director 413-545-7244

Birch and Maple Halls
Residence Director 413-545-7244

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Southwest - Residential First Year Experience Halls

Cance Hall
Residence Hall Coordinator 413-545-4561

James and Emerson Halls
Assistant Director for Southwest Lowrises 413-577-2119

Melville and Thoreau Halls
Residence Director 413-545-3237

Patterson and MacKimmie Halls
Residence Director 413-577-3233
Assistant Residence Director 413-545-3251

Pierpont & Moore Halls
Residence Director 413-545-2486
Assistant Residence Director 413-545-6249

Prince and Crampton Halls
Assistant Residence Director 413 545-6260

Southwest Towers

Coolidge Hall
Assistant Residence Director 413-545-6245

John Adams Hall
Residence Director 413-545-4563
Assistant Residence Director 413-545-2265

John Quincy Adams Hall
Assistant Residence Director 413-545-1183

Kennedy Hall
Residence Director 413-545-4518
Assistant Residence Director 413-545-4221

Washington Hall
Residence Director 413-545-3239
Assistant Residence Director 413-545-6248


Student Success - Learning Communities Staff

Crabtree, Dwight, Hamlin, Knowlton, Leach, & Mary Lyon
Learning Communities Graduate Assistant 413-577-2493

Butterfield, Gorman, Van Meter, Wheeler
Learning Communities Graduate Assistant 413-545-6261

Emerson, James, Melville, Thoreau
Learning Communities Graduate Assistant 413-545-6267

Kennedy, Oak, Sycamore
Learning Communities Graduate Assistant 413-545-6270

Cance, Moore, Pierpont
Learning Communities Graduate Assistant 413-545-6275

Dickinson, McNamara, Webster
Learning Communities Graduate Assistant 413545-6277

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