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Current On-Campus Students In-Semester Change Options

Group Apartment Process

Vacant North Apartment Application

Students who are interested in moving as a group to North Apartments for the remainder of spring semester can complete the form linked above.  Currently there are a limited number of vacant Apartments in North available to groups of 2-4 students who complete this application. Priority consideration will be given to groups of 4 students who can fill an apartment.  If more groups apply than there are available spaces, Residential Life Student Services will assign students based on the most competitive priority within each group.

Online Room Selection

Students who hold an assignment on campus are able to participate in our Spring Online Room Selection process.  This process will be available bi-weekly for two cycles starting on January 26th.  Appointment Request will remain available through Monday at 11:59pm.  Appointments will post on Wednesday by 3:00pm.  Room Selection will take place from Thursday morning through Friday at 4:00pm.  Students will have one selection opportunity.  Students can begin moving 3 hours after they have selected their fall housing assignment and must complete their move by no later than 11:00pm on Sunday.  Students who do not complete their move by this time will be subject to a $150 Blocked Room Fee, will be reassigned to their original space and will not be eligible for future in semester online room selection processes.

Round #1
Appointment Request: January 26th - January  29th at 11:59pm
Appointments Post: January 31st by 3:00pm
Room Selection: February 1st - February 2nd at 4:00pm
Complete move by February 4th at 11:00pm

Round #2
Appointment Request: February 9th - February 12th at 11:59pm
Appointments Post: February 14th by 3:00pm
Room Selection: February 15th - February 16th at 12:00pm**
Complete move by February 19th at 11:00pm

**SPIRE will be unavailable from February 16th at 5pm through Feburary 19th.  RLSS strongly encourages any student who selects a new space to pick up the new room key by no later than 4:30pm on Friday to ensure a smooth transition. 

In-Semester Pull-In

Students with a confirmed vacancy in their room are able to pull a preferred roommate into the space using the Pull-In process.  Students interested in completing a pull in will be able to submit the form starting on September 8th.  Both the student with a vacancy and the student being pulled in must complete this form.  Residential Life Student Services will review and update approved mutual pull in requests on Thursdays before 10am.  Students will be notified by email when their assignment has been updated.  Students who are reassigned will have until 11:00pm on Sunday to complete their move.  Students who do not complete their move by this time will be subject to a $150 Blocked Room Fee, will be reassigned to their original space and will not be eligible for future pull-ins during the fall semester.

Please note: Students are only eligible to participate in either the Pull-In or In-Semester Online Room Selection per week.  If you participate in a pull-in and also request an appointment for Online Room Selection, your online room selection appointment will be voided.

Students searching for the Summer Pull-In form, can find the application here.


Thursday and Friday, February 1st - February 16th

Students who are in 'like' spaces and are interested in completing a person-for-person swap can come to Residential Life Student Services in 235 Whitmore to complete the swap paperwork on Thursday or Friday beginning on February 1st.

A like space is defined as shared-to-shared rooms, singles in the same residence hall to singles in the same residence hall, and North-to-North.  Both students must also be eligible to live in the new space (i.e. a student attempting to swap into CHCRC must be a member of CHC).

• Students will have 48 hours from completing the swap paperwork to properly check out of their assignment.
• Each student should go to the RSD of their new assignment and pick up the key for the new assignment, move within the allotted 48 hours, and then return the key to their previous assignment to their previous RSD.
Please Note: Students should not swap keys! Failure to properly check out through your Residential Service Desk will result in locks being changed at a cost of $50 to the student.

Current Students without an Assignment

Unassigned students who are interested in securing an on campus assignment can walk in to our office to inquire about available on campus assignments Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm.

Room Selection Resources

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