Current Undergraduate Students

After halls open students will have several processes they can use to attempt to change their housing assignment.  Full details are outline below.

Current On-Campus Students with an assignment

Online Room Selection

Students who are seeking vacancies across campus can use the online room selection process.  Students can request an appointment in SPIRE during the appointment request periods outlined below.  The spaces in Online Room Selection will come from other students who have canceled their assignment.  Online Room Selection allows students to see the available options across campus and select the space they most prefer.  Students who request an appointment and do not select an assignment will remain in their current space.  There will be one online room selection processes offered this spring.

Appointment Request: January 28 - January 31
Appointments Post: February 2 by 3pm
Room Selection February 3 - February 4 at 4pm
Must complete move to new space by February 6

Person-for-Person Swap
Students can use the Room Swap process to exchange like assignments (ex. shared room to shared room, single to a single within the same hall, apartment to apartment).  Students who are interested in swapping can do so on Thursday or Friday from February 3 through February 11.  This process is completed in SPIRE under Main Menu>Residential Life>Room Swap.  When a student initiates a swap request, the person they intend to swap with will receive an email.  Once both students have approved the swap, the assignment is automatically updated.  Any students who are reassigned will have until Sunday to complete their move.  Students must also properly exchange keys by going to their Residential Service Desks.  Failure to exchange keys through the service desk will result in a $60 Lock Recore Fee.

Roommate Pull-In

Roommate Pull-In Form

Students who have a confirmed vacancy in their room are able to pull a preferred on-campus student into their room.  In order to be pulled in, the student must be eligible for the space.  For example, a senior could not be pulled into a space in a first year residence hall.  Students who wish to complete a pull-in can complete a Google form that will become available here starting on January 28 and through February 9.  Each Thursday, all matched pull-in requests submitted by 11:59pm on the previous Wednesday will be updated in SPIRE.  The pulled in student will have until Sunday to properly check out of their current assignment and complete their move into the new room.

Students should ensure that they are only logged in to their UMass Google account.  Students who are logged in to a personal Google account will receive an error message that they are not able to access the form.

Please note: Pull-In requests submitted after 11:59pm on Wednesday will not be reviewed until the following week.