Religious Accommodations

To accommodate Jewish students who do not use electronic devices on the Sabbath based on their religious belief and current practice, Residential Life permits students to request a physical metal key to access the main door of their assigned residence hall. For North Apartments and suites/apartments in the Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community, a second physical metal key is provided to allow access to the student’s assigned suite/apartment door.

Given that Residential Life utilizes an electronic computer based sign in process for security into the building, the student will only need to state to the Security Staff Member that they are on the approved list for the Sabbath. Residence Hall Security will confirm the student’s ID number to ensure they live in the cluster. Students will not be required to “sign” into the building.

For students who reside in apartments or suites in CHCRC or North, there are various light switches that may be motion controlled. Students who observe the Sabbath may request that these motion detectors to be temporarily disabled. This request should happen when the initial request for the Sabbath key is made. All requests should happen at least ten (10) business days prior to taking residence.

Requesting a religious accommodation

1. Email your housing accommodation request to with the following information:

a. Name 
b. Student ID number 
c. Residence Hall and Room # (if already assigned)
d. Request for a Sabbath Key and any additional accommodations needed to observe the Sabbath.

2. You will receive confirmation of your request and an explanation of the process.

For more information, please contact: 
Residential Life Assignments
235 Whitmore Administration Building
Phone: 413-545-2100 
Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am- 5:00pm

 Question? Contact us.