Room Selection Priority

A student's room selection priority is based on the number of semesters that the student has lived on campus and a randomly generated number that is assigned. These two numbers are used to order students' appointments for Online Room Selection, assigning students who submit a preference application and when room consolidation is completed.

Students are able to view their room selection priority on SPIRE under the Housing menu by clicking on "Room Selection Priority". An example of a student's room selection priority is listed below and a detailed description of each component follows:

Room Selection Priority 
Semester on Campus: 4 
Priority Order: 2525

Semesters on Campus listed for this student is 4. Semesters on campus is determined by the number of completed semesters that a student has lived in the residence halls at UMass, Amherst. This is the most important number to look at when trying to understand your housing priority. This group of students will be housed before everyone who has lived on campus less than 4 semesters and after everyone who has lived on campus for more than 4 semesters.

Priority Order is a randomly assigned number that is given to all students who have the same number of semesters on campus from first to last. The Priority Order 1 would be given the first place in line, followed by 2, then 3 and so on. Priority order only matters when compared to other students with the same number of semesters on campus. For the example student below, they have an order of 2525, which is their place in line out of all students with 4 priority points.

Room Selection Priority Comparison

Please see below an example of two student's room selection priority who will be participating in Online Room Selection. Both of these students have 3 semesters on campus. As you can see, Ann has a lower (better) priority order than Chelsea. When appointments are determined for Online Room Selection, Ann will have an earlier appointment start time than Chelsea.

Semesters on Campus: 3
Priority Order: 945

Semesters on Campus: 3
Priority Order: 1843

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