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Checking in Friday, August 30

You must complete your Move-In Reservation on SPIRE to determine your Move-In time. 
IMPORTANT: If you are a Kennedy resident with a Thursday Move-In time please click here.

Complete Your Move-In Checklist

Directions to Campus

Please do not use a GPS to get to campus. 
The route we have provided accounts for traffic pattern changes and specific check in locations for Move-In day.

  • East Check In: for residents in the Central, Northeast, North, Orchard Hill, and Sylvan Residential Areas
  • West Check In: for residents in the Southwest Residential Area and Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community

When You Arrive at Check-In

Map of East Check-In Station
Map of West Check-In Station

  1. When you arrive at your check-in station you will present your printed Boarding Pass along with your UCard or photo ID. In return, you will receive a check-in packet that includes your room key and further driving directions to your residence hall for unloading, as well as your designated parking lot after unloading. Students who forget to bring their Boarding Pass will be directed out of line to complete a manual check-in. Forgetting your Boarding Pass will add an estimated 30 minutes to your overall move-in time.
  2. After receiving your room key, cars will be guided to a traffic queue where you will wait to be called up to your residence hall. Only one car per student will be allowed access to the hall. Additional vehicles will be directed to a designated parking lot for your residential area.
  3. At the designated unloading areas for each hall, Minute Mover volunteers will assist with moving belongings into the room. Cars must be moved immediately after unloading.

Driving from Check-In to Your Residence Hall

To keep traffic moving throughout campus, customized driving directions are provided to get you from Check-In to your residence hall. Directions are available in the Living at UMass app or on the web version of the app at


After your vehicle is unloaded by Minute Movers or USS*, move it immediately to a designated parking lot so other students can unload. The driver should be prepared to walk from the parking lot back to the residence hall. If you are in Oak, Sycamore, or Kennedy everyone in your vehicle should be prepared to walk back from the parking lot to your hall. You may park in the lot for up to 4 hours.

*USS is the professional moving company that will unload belongings for residents in CHCRC and SW towers

Please note: Parking is limited ONLY to the lot where you are directed to park. Your parking lot designation will be included in your check-in packet. Parking in any other lot may result in a ticket, or your vehicle being towed.

Are you in need of mobility assistance? A shuttle will be available to transport anyone in need of mobility assistance from the parking lot to the residence hall.

Not Driving to Campus?

If you are planning to arrive via bus, airplane or train you will have access to a shuttle to bring you through the Check-In Station and to your residence hall. The Check-In Shuttle will run continuously throughout the day from the bus stop at the Fine Arts Center (FAC). Don't pay a taxi to wait in line at Check-In! Ask to be dropped off at the FAC and use our free shuttle.

What if I Can't Arrive During Move-In?

Students who are unable to arrive during available Multi-Year Move-In reservation times should contact Residential Life Student Services at 413-545-2100 for instructions.

If you plan to arrive after 5:00pm on Tuesday, September 3, contact Residential Life Student Services to request a Late Arrival. If you do not request a late arrival, your assignment may be cancelled as a “no-show” and you will be subject to the Contract Cancellation Fee schedule.

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