Gender Inclusive Housing Option

Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms | Applying for Gender-Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) allows our residents to room with anyone of any gender identity or gender expression. This living environment is designed for students who are transgender, gender nonconforming, or who do not identify as a gender, as well as for students who desire to live with a friend or family member of a gender different from themselves.  Returning students can search for and select Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) in Online Room Selection. New students can preference GIH as a living option on the Preference Application in the following areas of campus:

• Baker Hall (double rooms)
• The Spectrum LGBTQIA and Ally Floor in Baker Hall (double rooms)
• Cashin Hall (suite-style rooms)
• North Apartments (apartment-style rooms)

Residence Halls with Gender Inclusive Bathrooms (with showers)

The University's restroom and bathroom policy states, "Students, staff, faculty, and campus guests should use the restroom facilities that correspond to their sex or gender identity, or utilize single-user facilities that are designated as a ‘restroom’ or ‘gender-inclusive restroom.’" Find more resources and support related to gender inclusive bathrooms and restrooms here

In addition, a list of residence halls with gender inclusive bathrooms is below. 

First Year Halls
Cance (Southwest)
Moore (Southwest)
Knowlton (Northeast)
Webster (Orchard Hill)
Van Meter (Central, for fall 2019)
Sycamore (CHCRC)

Multi-Year Halls
Baker (Central)
Brett (Central, for fall 2019)
Chadbourne (Central, for fall 2019)
Mackimmie (Southwest)
Patterson (Southwest)
Prince (Southwest, for fall 2019)
CHCRC  - all suites and apartments have 1 private bathroom
North Apartments - all apartments have two private bathrooms
Sylvan - all suites have two toilets and one shower with a lockable door

There are approximately 150 gender-inclusive restrooms in residence hall lobbies. View the Campus map to see all gender inclusive restroom locations. 

Applying for Gender Inclusive Housing

Current Students
Gender Inclusive Options are available as part of the MY Room Selection Process.  These rooms will be listed as ‘Gender Inclusive Housing’ under living option in the search tool.

New Students
Students must submit a New Student Preference Application in SPIRE between June 3rd, 2019 and July 12th, 2019 at 11:59pm. On the Preference application, Rank order an area with Gender Inclusive Housing options and indicate "Gender Inclusive Housing" as the Living Option. If there is space in the program, students will be assigned and will receive their assignment notification on August 2nd, 2019.

For additional support and resources regarding transgender student issues and concerns, you may contact the Stonewall Center, the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Queer and Transgender Educational Resource Center.